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  1. My portfolio is already disabled all videos gone. No thanks SS keep your 0.10$
  2. Good job people! We are all motivated now...
  3. Fair enough man take what is yours and time to move.
  4. I just disabled mine now! I hope they will slowly sink down and Im going to help them out with that! Bye greedy SS
  5. Shame on you thats all I can say about SS and your NEW stracutre! I hope you sink qucikly!
  6. It's crazy what they have done to people! Greedy and disgusting! I have signed a petition already. Friend of mine (Richard) who asked Kate many important questions yesterday, got banned after her private message telling him to stop! So it looks not only pay is going down but your freedom too! I will wait to see what happens after 1st of June. I'm not going to upload anything new for sure, I have a few thousands of images, videos and other things ready to go online but with that devastating news, I don't think so! If that is what is look like going to be (slavery) my portfolio will be rem
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