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  1. An article worth reading: https://www.insideimaging.com.au/2020/shutterstock-contributors-unite-to-form-coalition/?fbclid=IwAR10jHPmZOjrXj0BXDFB5RizIuKkihdrNeUEnAS0RH6-WCCc_UjbGQnCUYM
  2. Yes I am so far. Not uploading new content though, it is not worth the effort.
  3. 2 photos sold this week: Adobe vs Shutterstock...
  4. I think so. I just had my first 0,10$ sale. I will not be uploading any more pictures here, but i think I won't delete the ones I have.
  5. This actually inspired me to move on to Adobe Stock. Yesterday I sold an image there for 1'23€.
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