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  1. All I can say that in June I'm around 30% down on sales, one pic boosted my earnings this month, but if this is taken off I would say I'm around
    50% down in money compared to previous months. Sold count of pics remains about the same but a rash of $0.10, $0.14 sales is depressing
    enough for me now not to upload any more new images for now, I have little motivation.

    I'm not going to deactivate my images in the vein hope that SS might decide to reverse this savage cut in contributors roylaltes, time will tell.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ikars said:

    So I just recieved my first 0.10 USD sale and halted my account, until SS comes back to mind... or forever. 

    It seems it would be cool to see how many of us are ready to go this way. This is thread for everyone to announce this move here and thus inspire others.

    Secondly, it's important to share message on social networks and everywhere, urging customers to boycott SS. In Twitter, there is a trending hashtag #boycottshutterstock I just posted a Tweet: 

    It's great that my photo has been used by @Forbes to advertise my country. Not so great that I got only 33 cents for that. And since the new policy of @Shutterstock will get even less. Recommend everyone to buy photos on other sites #boycottshutterstock

    If someone doesn't know how to opt out of sales, go to https://submit.shutterstock.com/account/settings and under "Licensing options" click "No" instead of "Yes" next to "Image sales" and "Footage sales".

    Great, I'll add #boycottshutterstock to my signature now.

  3. Even investors and speculators had trouble with the new June 1 slaughter of contributors commission rates it seems, the stock value dropped quiet a bit.

    Normally companies that do this (from past experience) share price normally spikes up for a day to two, but overall went down yesterday, I'm sure this is not what the CEO wanted for the company. Again, bad press, some companies hearing of the new low commission rates have or soon will start to move from SS.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Aaron of L.A. Photography said:

    I heard from AP member that AP might be pulling away from Shutterstock and others may follow. If that is so I might have to move to where they are going to. I know many other photojournalist will be doing the same thing. I will leave whatever stock collection here but I will upload more often to where they will be pulling content from. 

    That's encouraging news, thanks for the info. Same here, I'm not uploading any more stock to SS, I did a bit recently, but no more. If AP move from SS this is a big deal and with all this negative press (including Truspilot which gives them a 90% 1-star) they will be loosing clients as well as contributors.

    Many in our industry work for companies that buy downloads and generally protect contributors be it photographers, designers etc. Many will not tolerate how little they pay there contributors.

  5. 5 hours ago, vextor studio said:

    This is what they say

    " help to create fair opportunities for all our contributors, and reward performance with greater earnings potential."

    and this is what they do

     0.1 ,  0.12   and 0.14   from 0.38 



    Yep, SS don't give a dam about the time and effort it takes to do your stuff.

  6. A customer of mine had a Shutterstock account and used to buy a lot of stock and vectors from the agency. I've heard that they will be closing their account due to the new horrific low pay scales contributors are now faced with.

    So SS, its not just contributors your loosing, many SS customers might start to use other agencies out there that treat contributors better.

    For SS this is turning into a PR nightmare.

  7. 12 hours ago, Thijs de Graaf said:

    @Kate Shutterstock   @Anna Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock

    Last year I registered for the first time on a stock site. It became Shutterstock. A newcomer doesn't earn that much, but it seemed a fair price. There was a forum where admins were helpful.
    Admins first disappeared from the forum. Then we received a message, from which you could calculate, that the earnings had halved at least and it started the following week. All it said was a fair price.
    Kate starts a topic, where you can discuss about these new earnings. But no admin participates in the discussion, clarifies for us. Just a few emotionless messages from you Kate. Some people appreciate you for what you seem to have done in the past. You probably can't help it, but it seems to me that you will at least not feel pleasant.

    As requested I have a link to Shutterstock on facebook. There is also a link on my website:
    It seems fair to me to add to that, what goes wrong with Shutterstock. First let's see how it works with the earnings, because it is still not completely clear.

    It reminds me of a company I saw going down. The people worked hard. The lead did the craziest things and then left the sinking ship like rats to go to the next random job.
    If I take my photos away, nobody at Shutterstock will be awake. First I look for a reliable stock site. Hopefully I am not mistaken again. Again it's not about the merits, but I can't enjoy working for such an antisocial company. I hope you can do that.

    Where are SS admins? They've left and joined a decent stock agency that treats contributors and staff correctly.

  8. 5 minutes ago, MSPhotographic said:

    Same here.  I have a bunch of normal sales but then noticed I have about a dozen photos that I got 12 cents for.  THIS IS UTTER BULLSHIT SHUTTERSTOCK.  This is as low as when you opened back in 04... the rates were a crime then... add to that the inflation over that period that has driven my cost of living to almost four times what it was then and I can't think with it at all.  12 cents won't even buy me one minute in a parking meter in LA.

    Will somebody please flush the toilet on this turd of a stock photo agency already!

    Well said. I will close my account once I get paid, SS can go to hell.

  9. This is a kick in the teeth for SS contributors, working hard to build a portfolio over months and years. When things are hard enough for most contributors SS effectively half there payouts for the new year. No matter what type of 'sugar coating' narrative you put on the text its basically says, thanks SS contributors starting next year your all at Level 1.


    I would ask your management to reconsider this move before it goes live.


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