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  1. My earnings are down over 60%, getting these $0.10 sales is completely demotivating. Maybe its because August is a bad month when people are on vacation. I will give it until end of September and may considering deactivating my portfolio.
  2. All I can say that in June I'm around 30% down on sales, one pic boosted my earnings this month, but if this is taken off I would say I'm around 50% down in money compared to previous months. Sold count of pics remains about the same but a rash of $0.10, $0.14 sales is depressing enough for me now not to upload any more new images for now, I have little motivation. I'm not going to deactivate my images in the vein hope that SS might decide to reverse this savage cut in contributors roylaltes, time will tell.
  3. Yes, I have done a 1-star review of Trustpilot UK
  4. Just added the new Twitter hashtag #boycottshutterstock as mention by another forum member, I've added it to all my contact and social media feeds.
  5. Great, I'll add #boycottshutterstock to my signature now.
  6. Same here but it looks like I owe SS $2.70 for the privilege of them hosting my images 😀
  7. Even investors and speculators had trouble with the new June 1 slaughter of contributors commission rates it seems, the stock value dropped quiet a bit. Normally companies that do this (from past experience) share price normally spikes up for a day to two, but overall went down yesterday, I'm sure this is not what the CEO wanted for the company. Again, bad press, some companies hearing of the new low commission rates have or soon will start to move from SS.
  8. That's encouraging news, thanks for the info. Same here, I'm not uploading any more stock to SS, I did a bit recently, but no more. If AP move from SS this is a big deal and with all this negative press (including Truspilot which gives them a 90% 1-star) they will be loosing clients as well as contributors. Many in our industry work for companies that buy downloads and generally protect contributors be it photographers, designers etc. Many will not tolerate how little they pay there contributors.
  9. Yep, SS don't give a dam about the time and effort it takes to do your stuff.
  10. Great, quiet a few SS contributors are spreading the word to customers now.
  11. A customer of mine had a Shutterstock account and used to buy a lot of stock and vectors from the agency. I've heard that they will be closing their account due to the new horrific low pay scales contributors are now faced with. So SS, its not just contributors your loosing, many SS customers might start to use other agencies out there that treat contributors better. For SS this is turning into a PR nightmare.
  12. Where are SS admins? They've left and joined a decent stock agency that treats contributors and staff correctly.
  13. Well said. I will close my account once I get paid, SS can go to hell.
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