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  1. Hi R. de Bruijn_Pfotography What other agency you mentioned, If you don't mind I would like to learn.
  2. Hi: I'm in level 5 right now. Most of my sales are 0.10 cents. I have sales that are not in the table above. For example 0.23 cents. I wonder if anyone knows a more accurate table? I also highly recommend Adobe Stock. Pay rates are better. Visual receptors started to slowly shift there. It seems that the most used site in the near future will be Adobe Stock. It is impossible to live on 0.10 cents. Good manufacturers switch to Adobe. Those who buy follow them.
  3. My sales exceeded 2500 on 17.06.2020. but I'm still at level 4.
  4. It will increase. content buyers will gradually get there in a year. because the content is going there quickly.
  5. not too much trouble. we continue with some effort adobe stock. Do not worry. the loser loses the producer. producing always finds a way. shutterstock work with amateurs. Those who purchase content within a few months will go to adobe stock.
  6. what is this? Don't even limit to uploading images. If you don't want me, you know shutterstock. Adobe stock wants me.
  7. Adobe Stock iyi bir şeçenek gibi gözüküyor.
  8. I earned less than half of the amount I will earn today compared to the old system. fortunately adobe has started accepting my stock images. now I will upload it there and look at the sales and earnings rates.
  9. Did all of them come back at once. Mine is still not fully back.
  10. I have excluded my account. after a while I activated. Around 500 patterns are missing. But there are still real numbers in my collections. I want those who think to freeze their account to know this.
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