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  1. This was the most therapeutic action I have carried out and I have disabled my portfolio of 2.5K pics. I lose a little income but shutterstock will lose allot more. The sad thing is now they will start carrying out redundancies of their employees as the work will not be rolling in as before sad but you shot your self in the foot. I hope the next time another company tries this bullying tactics they will look at history and see how SS went bust. If I was an investor I would be selling my shares in this company Like ASAP rocky
  2. Today I have already pulled the plug on my account the only way to get their attention is if all the contributors stick together and close their account until they get the message that we wont except this bs.
  3. When I saw the earning of 0.10 cent on my pictures I knew that I needed to remove my portfolio from here out of principle and self respect. Adobe all day long from here on out :)
  4. Kate has like 48 pictures and like 8 videos Im pretty sure she wont be affected by the 50 percent earning decrease she's trying to implement on all of us. Time to get Adobe polished and I will certainly be opting out on my videos come 31 may 2020 and also be removing my picture on 1st January 2021 thanks been a pleasure working with you adios!
  5. There Is no way I will be remaining a contributor on this platform! This is an absolute joke. I will take my content elsewhere and will most defiantly remove my portfolio from here out of self respect. Nothing but greed!!!
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