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  1. Somehow I need to "thank" Shutterstock. I was quite happy so far with the situation and it was fun seeing earnings increasing overtime. I am just an amateur and don't really do it for the money. I liked being a contributor with this company for the structure they had in place. As a consequence, that made me reluctant and maybe lazy to spread out to other microstock agency. But the new policy now motivates me very much to invest that additional time and get me out of my chair. But unfortunately also to stop contributing images to Shutterstock...
  2. Quite amazing with the poposed changes. I am buffled that this is sold as a gain to the contributors. The new system appears to be shockingly unfair if one indeed gets set back to level 1 every year. Especially long-time contributors must be very, very upset. This would also be for me a resaon not to further contribute to Shutterstock and to leave this company on the long run. It would be nice if the administrators would not just post announcements but also respond to contributors concerns.
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