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  1. There is some other agencies with royalties like that, around 0.10 cents. But they actually sell your images, and final income from them can compete with shutterstock's, even they don't have even 1/10 of my portfolio. So, if Shutterstock lowered royalties for contributors, it has to give more traffic, so there COULD actually be some benefits for contributors. But as I can see, there is no such thing. Shutterstock sell bad, especially new content. It's only value was with higher royalties. I don't know what happen next, and it's sad that Shutterstock didn't bother to give exact numbers of royalties. They have full data about it, but still what we can do is only wait until 31st June to see overall monthly income. And I don't think Shutter even care about boycott, about contributors like me. We are just collateral damage, that's all. They will still have big stock studios with tons of great content, with no intention to destroy their business with boycotts and everything. This all situation made me completely change my priorities. I have build my whole career and future plans with agencies like Shutterstock, I have worked on my professional skills, and turns out I bet on a wrong horse. It was a mistake, and in a long term relationship it didn't worked out, I have to choose other area to use my skills - because my total income only decreasing with time, not otherwise, no matter if the quality of my content is better and better. Although there is Adobe Stock, which is still great and its getting better, but no one can give a word that the same thing won't happen there in several years. Its just market, just very changeable life. But anyway, I'm really grateful to Shutterstock for several years of partnership and for possibility to learn and have money in the same time, possibility to make a living with this money. I won't boycott and turn off my portfolio, it doesn't make any sense, but I will change my whole plans and may be even a profession in a year.
  2. Will see what we will have at the end of 1st July.
  3. I don't understand one thing. There is some agencies like freepik and others, who offer 0.075 or 0.10 per download to contributors, but they actually sell your images. Shutterstock doesn't sell so good, especially new content. How you can beat that? If you want to give your contributors the same low royalties, you must give same traffic and sales to be attractive for them. But as soon as I see, there isn't something like that. There is no equal ammount of sales, so it doesn't look good.
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