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  1. Guys, it's time to get out of the SS. Stop complaining. Do you really think that they will return everything as it was? For us, I think not.
  2. Maybe stop Whining. There is not only SS in this world.
  3. Perhaps SS wants to disperse its oversupplied market. Specially created a stir. Is it legal?
  4. Without our new Photos client will soon forget SS.
  5. Which microstock you working? If not counting the cheap this site.
  6. And if everyone writes their own opinion ." We do not agree with the Shutterstock innovation." There are more of us. This usually works. They change our earnings without asking Us.
  7. There may be too many contributors on Shutterstock. This method may want to remove the weak ?
  8. I am very saddened by the innovation. Should I continue to work with you? The new rules force me to give you up.
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