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  1. kallen1979 - Hover over your name in the top right of your contributor home page. A menu will drop down, click on "Account Settings". Under the heading "Licensing Options", choose No for both Image sales and Footage sales. Within a few days, all of your content should be disabled.
  2. Wow, the same thing just happened to me. 60 CENTS for an HD video. Taking down all of my footage right now.
  3. @Kate Shutterstock If the customer downloads less than the number of images they paid for in their subscription, is the "price per asset" simply the (subscription price / number of photos actually downloaded)? If not, then I assume it's the (subscription price / (total images included in the plan), regardless of how many they actually downloaded? If this is the case, then the customer paid more "per asset" than the subscription plan advertised, which of course is their loss and Shutterstock's gain, and that's fair enough. However if we contributors are in fact a part of Shutterstock, then it should be our gain too. PLEASE CLARIFY THIS ISSUE ASAP, THANKS.
  4. Sounds like a giant slap in the face. So how does this affect customer subscription downloads? If you announce a change, you need to be clear on the details.
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