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  1. I was lucky in one competition. Fun fact - this is sligtly more than my total profits for a year and a half on SS.
  2. Sadly, Adobe is dead in downloads compared to SS (at least for me). July - Adobe 7x downloads VS Shutterstock 77x downloads. But yes, Adobe has slightly better average price for download.
  3. Do you really think that among the photos you've presented here, there's one that someone would print on their wall? There are a gigantic number of nature shots or landscapes that are worthwhile, but your photos aren't it. Besides, Adobe definitely has fewer downloads, at least in my case (for 2021 - Shutterstock 494 downloads / Adobe 59 downloads). Good luck.
  4. Your photos needs better work with light and better post-processing. They look dull.
  5. Ono to znaménko je myšleno jako NEBO (tedy state nebo country).
  6. Not bad at all for me.
  7. A third of a month in and I'm increasingly convinced that something has simply changed with the photo search results.
  8. Squirrel has 36 downloads (0,32 RPD). First photo never sold in this year:
  9. Yep, covid related photos are not selling well now. It was holy grail between 04-07/2020
  10. My SS portfolio has now 1139 photos. Average monthly downloads for 2021 is 81 with RPD 0,35. (For 2020 - average monthly downloads 64 with RPD 0,47)
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