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  1. I disabled my video port. Video is too much work for that little amount of money. It isn't worth my time to edit. Shutterstock will just become the basement agency for garbage cell phone content.
  2. Deactivated my video portfolio a few weeks ago. It isn't worth my time with these rates. I don't even know how anyone who works with models could begin to pay for production costs at this point.
  3. $0.10 sales are making July 2020 my lowest month of all time. Shutterstock is not worth it for contributors.
  4. And in response, Dreamstime is increasing their royalties by 10% starting in June.
  5. Proof photography is now essentially worthless.
  6. At some point, contributors won't be paid anything. I've had sales through iStock where I've received $.02. What's the point in uploading and wasting your time? Why would anyone even invest a dime let alone their time to create a shoot with actual models? The ink on the model releases cost more than the royalties you will receive.
  7. Wow. Shutterstock now wants to be Getty. Garbage royalties means garbage content. I refuse to put quality content on here at these rates.
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