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  1. My English is not enough. I searched but could not find a contact link.I think so my sister said 90 days should wait,so not sure. Thanks,i will search more
  2. No,i did not contact with them.My payment would be first.Yes,there is already my national ID and everthing.Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello, I did not get my first payment from payoneer, the money that Shutterstock has sent since October 6 is lying there, it has been under scrutiny. I have never understood how long and what they are reviewing. My mail account and bank account were confirmed, my phone and address details are all in order and correct. Why is it so hard to get the money we are entitled to? With this money I will help my sick mother with the medicine. Can anyone help me? I will not load anything until I get this money.Is it normal with Payoneer as first payment? Thank you
  4. Thank you so much,there is only one problem i was lale for update tax form,but not sure other things seem right
  5. Hi everyone,i would get my first Payment but still didn't Calculated.is it normal until today? My account is not new one here past 2years already.Anyone help? Thanks
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