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  1. They're not gonna undo this, and they'll be out of business in a few years.
  2. Sir, that wasn't what I said. I think you made a mistake there.
  3. So what happens to these images and video once the licensing is turned off?
  4. And then wait for them to do it again, or do something worse. I left a bank over a $5 a year change. Companies only get one chance to $^#% me without buying me dinner first.
  5. So how many pages will this get before it gets locked and we get no response?
  6. I can't image many good contributors hanging around with such massive price drops.
  7. And for those of us unaware, how do we do this?
  8. Ya know what would be way more fair, if we got to set our prices, and Shutterstock gets a cut.
  9. Man did I pick the wrong time to join this place.
  10. So I was key word tagging an image and I had 50. Ok done. Click back to the to submit menu. Huh - 49 key words. Add a 50th, rejection, now I have 48 key words. Ok. Weird. Let's refresh and see if that solves the problem....and POOF my 100+ images to submit magically dropped to 14. WTF!?!?!?! Some of these have been sitting here for over 2 weeks, could that be why? It seemingly didn't do anything to my videos to submit. And to boot, it cleared all the information on the image I was tagging, from tags to title. Fun.
  11. I've had Galaxy 7 photos accepted and some rejected due to noise. I've had Panasonic G7 photo rejected due to noise, despite the very next picture in the sequence shot minutes apart, being totally fine. These photos were outdoor, in the mountains. 200ish iso, 22 aperture type stuff.
  12. Hello. New to selling stock stuff. I'm going through a bunch of my old archives and I found a bunch of video from a kink party I filmed. I have no releases so it will have to be editorial only content, but I have a concern. A lot of it is weird hyper sexualized stuff. I'm purposely not planning on uploading any clips with nudity, but there are sorts of things like spanking, masturabtion through clothes, crotch grabbing, etc. Will submitting a bunch of this content, even if rejected, put me in any risk of getting banned or in trouble from shuttertock? Thanks.
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