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  1. I've completed 2500 downloads yesterday, but it still shows I'm in lvl 4
  2. This greedy guy with no sense of integrity and ethics is making an example through which people all over the world are thinking Indians are happy with this low pay structure of SS. But the reality is he captures poor images with bridge camera (no investment at all). Any photographer with quality gears and investment won't praise SS at this moment
  3. Not agreeing with you, my June stats is SS- 359 download with one footage and some ODs - 68.71 $ AS- 38 downloads with much much smaller and new portfolio- 49.14$ AS is the future, SS days are gone
  4. June Stats SS- 359 downloads including a footage and some OD's - 68.71 $ AS- New and much smaller portfolio - 38 downloads - 49.14 $ Its time to move on
  5. for videos I agree with you, but for image sales Adobe is far ahead of Pond 5 from my personal experience
  6. They wont clarify since it is not going to happen. Assume only the worst since its correct to assume
  7. This scheme can only work if they change and rapidly increase the value for 750 and 350 images pack. Its not the percentage, rather the price per image for these packs are extremely low. But unfortunately they will never do that. Corporate sucks
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