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  1. You don't have to go hard with the editing so you can leave some room for editing maybe. but just increase the contast and a little bit of clarity and your portfolio will pop way more...
  2. You have to improve the contrast and editing of the desert photos as they seem to be very flat... And yeah anyway if it is down for you then it is up for others and vice versa 😊
  3. Thanks for the link, I have just read it and it says it all
  4. Yeah, but removing audio does not affect the sales? right?
  5. what if it is just like wind. like when i am recording beers or nature stuff....?I mean it does not affect sales?
  6. Can I leave the audio in the video if it is just some random noise or talk where there is nothing important? I am a newbie here and I am just discovering and improving on my way. I was wondering if I can the audio or I have to remove it by adobe??
  7. Thanks. you are such a nice person. I got the answer here and in another one which i was out of the topic but they replied. thanks again
  8. I am new here, Still do not know much but I will try better next time.
  9. That's the answer I was looking for. Thanks again Nice Portfolio!!
  10. do commercial photos sell as editorial? i mean also people who are needing them for normal stuff can also buy a normal licence? i am now removing a lot of photos and resubmiting them as commercial. they refused all with stupid reasons haha but i am uploading slowly now and they are accepting everything. but that was my one issue is if somebody needs the photos just for something normal like what editorial photos are for. would he be able to purchase commercial? thanks a lot for responding.
  11. Hello, I am fairly new here and i just want to understand if comercial photos are purchased just as much as the editorials. Plus I am really confused about what to submit as editorial and what to submit as commercial. here is an example down below... Thanks in advance.
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