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  1. yea, "similar" would have been a more logical explanation...but well, who knows what's going on in their minds..
  2. I submitted several photos from the same series, same model. some were rejected and some approved.Rejected because the model release is invalid. How is it valid for some photos and not the others? I have submitted photos from this same model several times and they were approved...
  3. I had the same issue and I think it's because my child has grown and changed a lot in the last few years, so they didn't think it was the same person.
  4. I submitted an old photo of my daughter (she was 12, now she's 22). It was rejected because they thought the realese is not for the same person as the newer photos of her. How can I clarify is the same person? should I attach a different release from when she was a minor?
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