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  1. Very useful information, thank you! The topic is interesting, do not stop, share your experience, thoughts, etc. 👍
  2. Colleagues, thank you so much for your answers! All information is useful, please do not stop the discussion and still share your experience and thoughts on this issue. It is sad, interesting, and how do they justify this decision? Is Property Release for animal any different? Very strange, isn't it?
  3. Yes, I understand that. But now I take pictures of pedigree animals, with pedigree, etc. Therefore, I want to do everything legally so that there are no problems in the future. And the owners are ready to sign the release. The question is to make a Property Release through an application on a smartphone, so that it is convenient.
  4. Yes, these are purebred animals, that's why I want to make a release, but I don't know how to describe it in the app or in the digital release. Can anyone share their experience, an example ...
  5. I am using the Easy Release Pro for Android application. Colleagues, tell me how to fill out the Property Release for an animal correctly? Can anyone have a ready-made template for this application? Can I use the digital release from Shutterstock, how do I fill it in correctly? Does everyone use the paper Property Release? I give an example in the attachment, is this one up-to-date? Thanks in advance for your replies, good sales everyone! PROPERTY_ANIMAL_ENG.rtf
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