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  1. Approved The different description and tags made it...Thanks all for the suggestions and criticism, I think you guys are probably right but sometimes if you lose time composing the opportunity runs away... Link to image I got a few more coming, including this roof without the cat if anyone is interested... Cheers
  2. I made a mistake, that's more than 100%... Here's 100%: Question, are you sure the forum engine is not resizing the image ? [EDIT] Seems to be ok...
  3. No need to apologise (for the one who did), I appreciate your all honest opinions. But I disagree that the cat's head/eyes are OOF, maybe just not super sharp..[EDIT I just recked it and it is in focus] Yap, ""Mottled cat blends in with rustic tiled roof on a home (or whatever)..." probably better describes it... it's just a photo that I found special and that I couldn't compose, if I did I would have missed it. .I think I'm going to try with a different title.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. Well, the title of the image was "Rustic Roof with a Rustic Cat". There's no way I'm going to get that cat posing like that again, and note the similarly of it's fur spots with the roofs old semi dead lichen and moss spots. I guess stock photography has a particular intent so that the images are more generally useful for everyone. I did zoom to 100%. The right eye turned out in some shadow and can't be seen but I think the left one is sufficciently in focus. Besides "Rustic roof ..." is what comes up first in the title. I did not make a note to the reviewer about the DF as some suggested, maybe next time... Taking / moving the chimney would have interfered with the light coming from the Sun, so it was a compromise... Maybe I should have taken another angle, but I don't know, I tried various and the cat was about to run from me. I think he was hunting birds which makes it kind of iconic given his furs resemblance to the roof Maybe I'll try to take another one without the cat. Ah, another thing, I'm using a sharp and good lens but it's MFT, so I can't go to a shallower DF (this was at 2.8). I do think that taking the rest of the roof /chimney off (shallower DF) would have taken it a bit out of context ... Cheers
  5. Hello. Can you guys confirm that I'm not going insane here. I choose the shallower DF on purpose and the focus is on the lower part of the roof around the cat and the cat himself. Are they using some kind of automated software to review this ? This was a small test on my part and I'm considering not submitting my other work here and just continue on some of the other sites I'm already on, even though I don't have a large portfolio yet. At least over there I get a consistent reason why my work is not accepted even if some can be even stricter... Anyway, what you advise me to do ? This DF was obviously chosen as an artistic choice.. By the way, is there a risk of the photos we put were on the forums being stolen with less legal protection ? Cheers Jose EDIT: I forgot to say, the reason for the rejection was out of focus, but I guess you guys had that figured out anyway...
  6. Great 1st read, but I someone uploading photos to sell them should already know a lot of this no ?
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