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  1. It takes more than 0.1 $ electricity to create a vector file. Then put keywords on it, it also takes a lot of time. Only for 0.1 $ no one will create good vector. SS have time to take your decision back.
  2. You should not forget those who made you. Due to so many Designs, photos and videos of contributors, Shutterstock become such a big company. If any contributor don't submits a new Design, Shutterstock can think what will happen.
  3. Other websites giving us a good earning even after such a low sale, And here even after such a huge Sale, the earning is low. I think SS should think about it's decision once again and the earring system should be returned as before.
  4. Shutterstock should have to set minimum pay per download of 0.25 $. So that at least we can earn 0.25 $ instead of 0.1 $ on subscription.
  5. Why shutterstock put level 2 for illustration/image I don't think there is any difference between level 1 and level 2 All levels of new rules are useless Old rule was right
  6. For vector Artists it's impossible to create creative work because creative works takes lots of time and it's impossible to work only for 0.1 $. Please change this rule Shutterstock.
  7. if anyone take a plan of 10 images per month and he download only 2 to 3 images then SS takes all rupees of Subscription. And SS gave us only 15% of 2 to 3 images of our images selling price and SS takes 85% of it. I think it is not fair.
  8. I am also stopped to upload on SS. It's waste of time. If we accept this now than other agencies will do same thing in future
  9. Please Shutterstock don't do this. i am really surprised that You have reduced the earning of us by less than half of the earlier earnings. We Love You ! Please Change your Decision. Other websites that offer the option to download for free are not even providing such low earnings.
  10. I am very disappointed with this. Already we got only 0.25 dollars, now you will get less than 0.25 dollars. Now it's going to very difficult to create new things in less than 0.25 dollars. So.......................... Sad.......................... Please Shutterstock don't change it.
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