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  1. I would never have imagined that the level of puritanism would reach a few lines of a tiny icon ... Society is sick. I'll mark it as adult content ... OMG ... Anyway, thanks again!
  2. Thank you for the info! I will delete the curves and resubmit... It is incredible that VW has the patent on two curved lines ... I am perplexed by the level of piscosis in today's society.
  3. Really? Are this lines a problem??? Thank you for your help!
  4. Thank you for your help Linda! I will check.. But, what do you tyhink about this van icon?
  5. Non-Licensable Content: We cannot accept this submission into our commercial or editorial collection, or we are no longer accepting this type of content. I do not understand this kind of things.
  6. Welcome to my world. In my case, I have photos constantly rejected because of focus problems, but the images are perfect and ok, I never upload nothing out of focus if is not shoot on purpose. This is something that does not work fine in shutterstock algorithm, it makes contributors to reupload once again the images and apply note for reviewer "previously submited", and it works most of the times. This issue takes energy, time, and resources from the contributor and the shutterstock systems, they should do something to fix that... Is not very ecological.
  7. Neither video nor images, nothing appears in my portfolio either.
  8. Videos have the same problem. Never appear in the portfolio.. Algorithm is killing us if we do not have new content in our portfolio come on!
  9. Same issues happends to me. 😞 We have reached the shutterstock storage limit and there is no space for more photos?
  10. Are they working on it to fix that problem? Any email to the contributors to explain they are working on it? Thank you.
  11. Same, some times, the images do not appear in the pending images or in the portfolio once they are reviewed and approved... I think this is affectin us and our sales, because the algorithm thinks we are not uploading new content...
  12. Mis últimas imágenes revisadas y aprobadas no aparecen entre las nuevas imágenes de mi portafolio ... ¿Qué está sucediendo? Gracias.
  13. Hello, it is happening the same for me. All my last photos reviewed are still pending. Some idea how to fix that? Thank you! And edit: My last reviewed and approved images does not appear between in my fresh portfolio images...
  14. Hello, I have uploadaded an EPS file, of 5,75 MB. I don't see it in the "To submit" section. How can I edit and keywording an EPS file? Thank you for your help in advance!
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