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  1. Hurray its 2020 and I am having the same problem. WIth illustrator 2020 trying to down save to illustrator 10 eps. I was trying to crop this with clipping mask but it rasterized the image when saved to eps. After testing numerous times. It seems that it affects complex shapes with radial gradients. Perhaps that's why folks have given up gradients for flat designs with issues like that!
  2. If shutterstock isn't upgrading its illustrator version, acceptance don't think we can use the freeform gradient tool as this is a new feature in illustrator 2019. I've tested and upon export to illustrator 10 eps, it turns the gradient into a raster image.
  3. Hi all, I'm a new contributor, an illustrator and designer. I have been searching about this for a while but couldn't find an answer. Q1. Since shutterstock limits keywords to 50, I was wondering if it is necessary to use obvious words like say your image is an illustration, to use "illustration" or "graphic" as a keyword? Seems kind of silly to use "photo" if the image was a photo categorised under "photos" I have looked at other illustrators and they seem to have used really obvious words like "illustration" and "vector", though I imagine if the image was already selected under illustration as a category under shutterstock, the image would appear if someone searched under illustration? Not sure about vectors, I mean the file is an .eps file and was uploaded under vector. Q2. Also, should I try to repeat the words in my description in my keywords? For example, my description is "Playground featuring a pelican, hare and tortoise." Should I still repeat "pelican", "playground", "hare" and "tortoise" for keywords? Q3. If I were submitting a keyword like "rain tree" (a type of tree) would the search engine bring this up when someone searches "tree" so I do not have to waste another keyword on "tree"? Would really appreciate if anyone could advise on this or point me to resource referring to this.
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