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  1. It's working well for me unlicensing on Shutterstock and moving editorial clips to Pond5 exclusive. Thank you!!
  2. Pond5 sales are going very well now. I moved all my editorial clips to my Pond5 exclusive account and am getting 60% royalty from $199/4k and $79/HD sales. My strategy is working. I don't feel any need to re-license stock videos on Shutterstock.
  3. Try unlicensing your video portfolio and see if sales on AdobeStock and Pond5 increases. Some buyers may already know your clips and may buy from those sites for higher price.
  4. Your motion graphics stuff require a lot of work to create. So, it must be really bad to see them sold for dimes on Shutterstock. I'm sorry to hear.
  5. $9.95/4k clip on video subscription is disgustingly cheap and bad for our business!!
  6. I won't turn on my clips licensing on Shutterstock in any near future unless they'll stop video subscription program, but it's great you are having a great month.
  7. Wow. That's surprising. September is usually the 2nd best month of the year.
  8. Yes, it's a tough time right now. We got to wait till the vaccine is available.
  9. Just wondering. I un-licensed my video portfolio on Shutterstock in August because they are selling our clips for too cheap on their subscription program. My AdobeStock sales are about the same as last September but Pond5 sales are doing well now and much higher than last September. I moved all my editorial clips to my Pond5 exclusive account and getting 60% royalty for $199/4k and $79/HD clips. My strategy is working. I feel no need to re-license my clips on Shutterstock.
  10. I think RPD on video clips are significantly lower here on Shutterstock than Adobe Stock and Pond5. I moved all my editorial video clips to Pond5 exclusive account to get 60% royalty on them. I have no plan to re-license video clips here on Shutterstock unless they create opt-out for video subscription that sells $9.95/4k video. Video subs don't differentiate HD or 4k clips. They give customers either 4k or HD clips for the same ridiculous price. I can't let them do that even if I lose some money by disabling my video portfolio here. I would rather make less money but keep my price high not giving out my clips for cheap. If we all do this, Shutterstock's loss will be bigger than ours.
  11. Then I see a bunch of 10 cents sub sales piling up again while the lowest I get from Adobe Stock sub sale is like 50 cents. It hurts. I wonder probably it's hurting my business overall to be selling here for so cheap. It makes me think again if I should un-license photo sale again on Shutterstock till they change this 10 cent royalty per sub sale. I'm not turning my video licensing back on again unless they stop $9.95 for 4k clip video subscription.
  12. I think the reason is as many contributors unlicense contents on Shutterstock, the traffic move to other sites. I think clients know their favorite creators have their works on other sites. So the buyers go to other sites to buy them.
  13. I'm surprised that many big sellers are ok with giving out their 4k/HD clips for $9.95 to big buyers who buy yearly video subscription on Shutterstock. They would pay $199.95 per 4k clip on Adobe Stock instead if you unlicense your video portfolio here on Shutterstock. You'll make more than 20x more in commission, $70 instead of $2.99. It's a bad business, people!!!
  14. Their stock is going up now. So, they would care even less about contributors for sure. I'll turn my photo portfolio back on, but not video portfolio till they create opt-out option for $9.95/4k clip video subscription.
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