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  1. OK, I see it. I'm already at the Level 6 with 40% commission on my first sale!!!! Imagine if this was at another stock agency I won't name the name. I would've gotten only 15%. This is great!!
  2. Thanks. Imagine if everybody unlicenses portfolio on Shutterstock for 3 months. I think Shutterstock will cave in. I'm doing it to make more money potentially and be happy about my own business model of not selling my creations for pennies which makes me feel insulted every time I see the sales report. So, I don't pressure anybody to do the same, but it would be nice if at least all the big sellers, say top 100 sellers unlicense for 3 months at least. I may make 10-15% less overall without Shutterstock, but I'd rather be happy selling my photos and videos for decent price and get decent m
  3. OK, I don't know how much it was sold for and what's the royalty percentage was, but at least it wasn't $0.10. So, I'm happy. I thought it was sold for $19.99, but i could be $49.99.
  4. Dude, no need to delete anything from Shutterstock. We can conveniently un-license files. I've never advocated for deleting portfolio. How many hours do you think it takes to delete 15,000 video clips and 6,000 photos? I ain't got no time for that. Stop BSing. Are you my cult follower? Give me a break. Bye bye. You only comment when you disagree. Haha. I always want good relationship between an agency and contributors. All Shutterstock needs to do is to undo horrible changes they made last year. Be flexible. This is a business. I'm in this for making money.
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/attractive-woman-shows-obscene-gesture-car-648177022
  6. I stopped tagging my uploaded photos there because of no sales.
  7. I just unlicensed my portfolio for the 2nd time this past Tuesday. I've been urging other contributors to do the same. Did you miss that? But I'm open to come back if Shutterstock corrects horrible things they started last year. No need to delete portfolios. I have 15,000 videos and 6,000 photos. It takes too much time. Also, I'm a flexible businessman. It's all for money. I go wherever money is.
  8. I was almost losing hope on Alamy after zero sale and reading people having no sales there, just got a sale. Nice 65% commission. It was for an editorial photo. Since Adobe Stock doesn't take most editorial photos, I was hoping I can sell them somewhere. I hope to see more sales on Alamy. I opened the account in 2019, but didn't upload till this year.
  9. Good thing is, you can always submit the rejected items again with "Previously submitted" note checked. But it sucks to upload and tag again.
  10. I agree that it's risky rejecting potential good seller, but considering at least 80% of photos and videos I upload never sell, they may be making a good business decision cutting storage cost that can be in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  11. Although I unlicensed my portfolio for the 2nd time recently, I'm a flexible businessperson. I do what I think is the best for my business just like Shutterstock does what they think is the best for theirs. So, if Shutterstock changes everything back to pre-pandemic days, 1. No commission tier system, 2. No video subscription, 3. No $0.10 photo subs, I'm open to re-license my portfolio so that both of us can benefit in business if I'm not banned by then. Just make everything back to the way it was pre-covid and everybody will be happy again.
  12. Although he's not a skilled photographer at least at the time 20 years ago, his portfolio suggests he knows what and why stock photos sell. So, in that regard, probably not a bad portfolio at the time.
  13. That's hilarious and true!!! Sadly.
  14. It's not like calling some random contributor's photos "suck". In stock photography, good photos are the ones that sell, not necessarily the most beautiful ones that often end up selling rarely. We've all had that experience of very boring photo selling more than the ones you thought were one of your best work. So, looking at Jon's photos, although he's not a very skilled photographer, he clearly gets it in terms of why and what photos sell in stock photo business. That's why he's been successful in running this company. He knows the business of stock photos.
  15. One of my point was, you don't have to be a great photographer to run a successful stock photo company. So, like I wrote in my original post, "I have a respect for him" in creating and running a successful multi-billion $ stock agency despite not being a skilled photographer.
  16. I didn't disparage his photos. It was just my honest opinion. His photos suck. But it doesn't matter. He's not making a living selling his stock photos. Probably he's a much better photographer now although there's no point in him upload and tagging them like we do. He's done great things with the company to make it the top stock agency, except the horrible business decisions last year. I was just analyzing why Shutterstock made such decisions that hurt us in the midst of pandemic. That's all.
  17. Adobe gives me and hundreds of contributors Adobe CC for free. Great company!!
  18. I actually don't care about Shutterstock employees being photographers.
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