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  1. I'm disappointed because big names in stock video haven't unlicensed their video portfolio yet. I think it's a bad business move giving out their clips for pennies to big buyers who can afford to pay normal price.
  2. Those who'll take advantage of this subscription program are likely to be big clients who can afford yearly contract. So, your loss will be significant. They can buy your 4k clip for $9.95 instead of $199.99 on Adobe Stock. I urge all video contributors to unlicense your portfolio. Just go to "Account Settings" and click "No" on "Licensing Option". You can license again after 30 days. Until Shutterstock creates opt-out option for video subscription, I'm out. It's a bad business.
  3. Yes, video sub is disgusting. I unlicensed my portfolio about a week ago. They should create opt out option. They are giving out our 4k clips for $9.95.
  4. Adobe Stock is great. Truly contributor friendly. They don't sell us cheap. They respect creators.
  5. I may not come back to Shutterstock. Can't allow them to sell my 4k or HD clips for $9.95 and get only $2.99 for a clip.
  6. And you get your royalty from $9.95 for a 4K video. That's like $2.99 for me. I just can't allow anybody to sell my 4K or HD video for such a ridiculous price. It's a suicide for us contributors. You could've sold it for more than 10x. Loss is huge. I unlicensed my videos and photos yesterday because I want to control my price to protect my business. I can make like $60 commission on a 4k video sale on Pond5 and Adobe Stock. $2.99 is 1/20 of it. You are losing your potential revenue if you continue to allow Shutterstock sell your 4k clip (and HD clip) for $9.95.
  7. Is $1.00 commission for those use fair? I don't know. I don't like it. $1.00 is nothing.
  8. I unlicensed my videos and photos. But I may not republish unless Shutterstock stop selling my 4k clips for $9.95 on Subscription program and stop the $1.00 commission sales. I got to control my price and not undercut myself on Pond5 and Adobe Stock. It's a suicide for us contributors while Shutterstock is trying to gain edge against Pond5 and Adobe Stock.
  9. I hope Shutterstock will end this nonsense fire sale program. I only get like $3 per clip when I should get over $20 per HD clip and $60 for 4k clip. They are giving away our 4k clips for $9.95. This is ridiculous. I unlicensed my portfolio because of this. They should create opt-out option for the video subscription program. Until then, I won't license my clips here on Shutterstock.
  10. I want them to end the video subscription program. I'm undercutting myself on other sites by selling here because of the ridiculously cheap video subscription that gives me $3 when I should get over $20 for a HD clip,
  11. I just unpublished my videos and photos on Shutterstock. I hope they'll stop this ridiculous low price sales, disgusting cheap video subscription and unfair commission system.
  12. I just unpublished my photos and videos. I hope they stop those cheap sales and ridiculous video subscription.
  13. It's getting ridiculous seeing those $1 video sales frequently now as if Shutterstock is doing everything to sell us cheap and destroy our business. Does anybody know what size they are and what kind of license use ?
  14. $0.10 photo sales and $1.00 video sales. Also falling total sales far behind AdobeStock this month. I'm seriously considering turning off my portfolio to see what Shutterstock does because those chap sales are undercutting myself on other sites. New CEO should learn from what happened to iStock/Getty after contributors quit. This is very sad what's happening on Shutterstock. It's a self-destruction. Pond5's CEO was replaced recently. I wonder how long the new CEO at Shutterstock will last if contributors aren't happy and leave.
  15. July has been horrible on Shutterstock. 50% less than AdobeStock in sales. I'm getting tired of all those $0.10 photo sales and $1.00 video sales on Shutterstock these days. I think I'll have to turn off my portfolio if this low sales continue here. I can't undercut myself on other sites like Pond5 and AdobeStock that pay decent money for sales. Shutterstock is becoming iStock/Getty. Big mistake for Shutterstock. We'll see a massive exodus of contributors soon if Shutterstock doesn't stop those cheap disrespectful sales/commission.
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