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  1. We've had a few "Microstock millionaires", but he's the first and only microstck billionaire. This is the possibility of this industry. We should be proud!! Congrats Jon!! "The sale marks a record on North Bay Road, which is home to celebrities such as Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union; Phil Collins and Chris Bosh. The Levins’ 19,861-square-foot mansion on a 1.1-acre lot last sold for $30 million in 2013. Developed in 2011, the estate was previously owned by baseball superstar and real estate investor Alex Rodriguez. Oringer founded Shutterstock in 2003, and reportedly became N
  2. Somebody who only post negative comments. LOL!! Maybe you should focus on improving your photo skills and portfolio than wasting time making hater comments. 🤣
  3. OK, I see it. I'm already at the Level 6 with 40% commission on my first sale!!!! Imagine if this was at another stock agency I won't name the name. I would've gotten only 15%. This is great!!
  4. OK, I don't know how much it was sold for and what's the royalty percentage was, but at least it wasn't $0.10. So, I'm happy. I thought it was sold for $19.99, but i could be $49.99.
  5. I stopped tagging my uploaded photos there because of no sales.
  6. I was almost losing hope on Alamy after zero sale and reading people having no sales there, just got a sale. Nice 65% commission. It was for an editorial photo. Since Adobe Stock doesn't take most editorial photos, I was hoping I can sell them somewhere. I hope to see more sales on Alamy. I opened the account in 2019, but didn't upload till this year.
  7. That's hilarious and true!!! Sadly.
  8. Pond5 sales jumped on the first day of unlicensing on Shutterstock. I'm loving those 60% commissions on my editorial videos!! Who knows I would've gotten $3 each on Shutterstock instead if I didn't unlicense my portfolio here. At least you may want to consider uploading your new editorial videos to Pond5 exclusive account only.
  9. Congrats Primus!! I just got $100 royalty from $169 4k video sale on my Pond5 exclusive account yesterday. 60% royalty is cool!! I love it. At my current 25% royalty level on Shutterstock, I had to sell a clip for $400 special license to get $100 on Shutterstock. But I'm sure 4k video files are thrown away by video subscription which I get only $3 often, not $100. Even the HD sales on Pond5 exclusive are more than 2x RPD you get on Shutterstock. Nice!!
  10. That I don't know. Nobody knows. In my case, one clip was posted by 5 different channels. Apparently, 4 guys downloaded from the first poster and then posted by themselves. Pond5 people were the only ones who offered help to resolve this problem. They care about contributors the most and are easy to contact/talk to. https://www.pond5.com/community?forum=76121&thread=143269540
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