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  1. Some contributors are saying the video sales on Shutterstock was up from last year's November.
  2. So, November sales on Shutterstock was bad?
  3. I want everybody to share the info. So, I have to share my info first. I think it benefits all of us contributors to know what's happening in this industry as a whole, not just one site. If one site's sales goes up by slashing price, but other sites' sales go down because everybody buys at cheaper site, that's not good for us. We'll lose money.
  4. Yes, that's my strategy. Similar, but all different. You never know exactly which clip buyers like.
  5. OK, the final number. Pond5 sales up 30% from 2019 November. Adobe Stock sales up 40% from 2019 November. SS is zero. My total stock video/photo sales is down 20% from 2019 November. Should I turn my video portfolio back again on Shutterstock?
  6. I wouldn't have any big expectation till I upload 1,000 video clips. So, be patient!!
  7. Go to "Account Setting" on the pulldown menu under your name on upper right corner. You'll see the licensing option.
  8. Congrats! Don't waste your time uploading photos to Pond5 though. Photo sales on Pond5 is almost non-existent. I would upload all the editorial clips to Pond5 exclusive account and get 60% royalty out of $79 HD and $199 4k clip. I experimented with pricing of 4k videos on Pond5, but I didn't see any difference in number of sales when I priced it at $129 or $199. If somebody want/need a 4k clip, they pay regardless of the price. $199 is the same as Adobe Stock's price. So, there's no need to make it lower than that. I wouldn't upload my editorial clips to Shutterstock especially when you
  9. That problem was solved in January. It was a disgusting problem.
  10. I use Sharpening and Noise Reduction in Lightroom while magnifying a photo at 300% to make it look sharper but with less noise. It works.
  11. My November photo sales on Shutterstock is on pace to be about 40% lower than November 2019. My Adobe Stock sales this November (photos and videos) is on pace to be 50% up from November 2019. My Pond5 video sales this November is on pace to be 30% up from November 2019. It seems like this low sales is the new normal on Shutterstock.
  12. Sorry to hear that. My Pond5 sales is on pace to 30% up from November 2019 and Adobe Stock is on a pace to 50% up from November 2019. SS is zero of course because I un-licensed my video portfolio.
  13. But if the sales don't go well on Pond5 and Adobe Stock, I'll re-license my videos here again of course. I'm flexible. So far I'm doing OK. Maybe because I get 60% royalty on my editorial clips on Pond5 exclusive account.
  14. I've always sold more on Pond5 than Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. I started on Pond5 2 years before I joined Shutterstock. Some people do better on Shutterstock of course. Didn't know about Shutterstock till a guy at Shutterstock messaged me on Pond5 message to try here. Had a great 7 years or so here, but just don't want to undercut myself by selling 4k video for $9 to clients with the biggest budget who can afford the biggest annual subscription plan. They would definitely be able to pay full $199 on Pond5 or Adobe Stock instead. Selling $199 clip for $9 is not my business model.
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