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  1. A good start for me and my small port (5th month here), 12DLs for $5.94, AS 3DLs for $1.65
  2. Thanks you. FYI of those images above, only 5 of them were actually able to be submitted (either too small, no model release, for sale elsewhere etc) so images don't have to be submission ready at all. Also, of those submitted, only 2 have been accepted, and 3 of the above were rejected! Good luck 🙂
  3. I have only been here for 4 months, but I have had 119 DLs, 12 of which have been non-subs (includes 1 enhanced $17 this month) So a similar % to Wilm
  4. Oh wow, woke up to a $17 sale on SS (my first enhanced) and then a $27 sale on AS (different images) Otherwise wasn't a bad month so far for DLs, but most were subscriptions up unitl now
  5. Thank you and Alex, I wouldn't have known about Arcangel otherwise, so thought I would share my set to show what gets accepted (not all of which I will be able to upload due to size/lack of release etc). Also, I only sent low res files for the submission, and a few of the above were crops. I think the main thing was having a lot of people and vertical images...and I like to shoot quite minimalist/abstract so that gives plenty of copy space too.
  6. There was no naming convention, that was just how I saved mine prior to sending sml jpegs (900px on long edge).
  7. Good luck with the submission Alex. Thanks for the tips also, I was accepted at Arcangel, and will shoot for book covers as a mini project My submission (might help others)...
  8. This has been an interesting read, and I'm compiling my submission for Arcangel. Looking at my book collection though, most covers extend to spine and the back, so is it not that you need a landscape image, but with the right hand side a strong vertical?! Otherwise how do they match in your back page?! Or am I overthinking this!?
  9. I got my 100th sale today, even though the new tier isn't as exciting as it used to be, it's still a nice milestone. Also reached 20 DLs for 2 of my images last week too.
  10. Small port of approx 450 stills, so far to 8th August SS - 9 subs $1.18 AS - 2 subs $3.30 I had zero downloads for 4 weeks in AS, so hopefully that continues to show action. I'm also waiting on IS July sales results which will be my first full month there (21 DLS)
  11. Still 10c for most sales, but there are still ODs etc that bring the RPD up. Other sites may have a higher RPD but their volumes are generally only 10% at best of what I sell on SS, so with similar small port on numerous sites, SS is still my highest earner by a big margin.
  12. On the ESP User info tab it shows your iSTOCK portfolio name which is what appears when your image is published
  13. If a customer buys a 750 images subscription for $249pm, they are paying 33c per image Level 1 15% = 4.95c Level 4 30% = 9.9c Hence you both still get the minimum of 10c
  14. 10c is the new minimum based on the subscription model you may still get 10c at the higher levels. The % is based on what the customer pays, and many of the high subscription packages work out at less than 10c
  15. I read on their facebook forum that red words are still included in search. Also, my understanding is that their keywords cover a few search terms, so when they change "ocean" to "sea", both search terms are covered from a buyer perspective, they obviously have a mapping system, thus probably works for plant latin names too. I am new on there, a bit frustrating waiting to see what my 21 downloads for July will be, which photos and how much, but then its something to look forward to! At least SS and IS have reasonable volumes, the others might be higher RPD but sales are few and far between for me (DT, AS, AL)
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