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  1. I agree, it is a good money earner for them. Mind you, everyone is rushing over to DT, and their minimum is $100 on really really slow sales, and then they don't let you delete 70% of images until after 6 months. Contributors need to read the T&Cs of all sites before happily uploading with dreams of making it big...
  2. I was just trying to keep it simple for the OP 🙂
  3. The aperture will only impact on how much of the image is in focus, but it all depends on where you focused. I am struggling to find the focus point in the image, so unsure how you are focusing. For macro, on a tripod, I always use the screen and zoom in to be very specific.
  4. I am not hugely technical, and was fortunate to win the drobo in photography competition. Essentially it shares the file files across the 4 disks, so if 1 hard drive fails you have a safety net. Safer than using a single hard drive, but maybe not as good as a full on backup to cloud etc
  5. I have a Drobo with 4 hardrives (8TB), currently at 50% capacity, some favourite images (mainly family) I have stored online in onedrive.
  6. https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/wyadup-spa-natural-pool-western-600w-1697075473.jpg
  7. I like the second image, more context, and love the leading lines of the road/rail/buildings
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