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  1. @Steven Tritton My February is the same as yours, just with a newer smaller port. Perhaps it's Australia, though it wouldn't appear that Feb is historically a crap month. My DLs are high, maybe all the customers came back after Summer hols and took out subscriptions
  2. My small port (545) has a similar number of downloads this month (35) but my RPD has crashed to a low of 15c. all subs Alamy is also similar result, joined last May, 3 DLS for a total return of $56 Here's hoping March is a better month
  3. Problem for me is AS is worse, sure, higher RPD but volume is dreadful in comparison. I have a small port (500ish), 33 DLs in shutterstock vs 3 in AS this month
  4. 30DLs in SS, at a whopping ave 15c RPD so sub city 2 at Adobe, so no love there either (my port doesnt do well there, aside from a single enhanced sale months ago). iStock so far leading the month, but also got a few accepted at Arcangel so fingers crossed there. Yesterday sold a photo to someone on facebook, so an unexpected $40 bonus 🙂
  5. This was accepted "BMX rider at the park, panning shot showing motion blur" so I think it helps to include motion blur in title, or panning if it's a panning shot...
  6. SS isn't too bad for me and my small port, 24DLs and $8 AS though is dead, 1 DL in the past 5 weeks, and a whopping 33c
  7. My RPD has jumped so far in January.....maybe they put me at incorrect level so don't tell them! 5 subs, average RPD 40c and 1 OD of $2.18
  8. HI Rudy, great images. Do you have the same photos on MS or are the FAA photos your best and not sold elsewhere?
  9. I lost 2 as well, which was disappointing as I had just got to a nice round 500!!
  10. Haha, but good to know it wasn't admin moderating, I noticed lots of the youtuber/blogs I followed for earnings reports have been deleted/edited to remove shutterstock as yes, they seem to be clamping down so not sure how long these forums will last!!
  11. That's been my last 3 batches, it's frustrating there is no feedback as to why!
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