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  1. Lol, I have almost 100 downloads of this image yet apparently its never been used!
  2. I like patterns, so its supposed to be higher in July! I hit a new low at AL, just got a distributor sale for 28c, leaving me with 7c... AS slow as ever, IS my best performer again
  3. I have been with both for approx 1 year. iStock sales are now consistently more than SS and my best performing agency. Contributor experience is very different. I find their editorial guidelines are stricter, but there are less rejections for noise/focus etc. Keywording takes a bit of getting used to, as you have to use their set database of words/phrases. Sales are only reported a month in arrears on the 20th of the following month, the royalties report is quite confusing, so I suggest downloading Todayis20 which then presents your sales in useful dashboards. I found sales take
  4. May is my BME (started April 2020)m mainly due to iStock, but I had a strong month at SS too with a flurry of ODs this past week. Just need a few of the Alamy zooms to convert to sales...
  5. iStock is soaring ahead of SS, AS and AL for me. With todays earnings for April, my RPD is 86c YTD, equal to Adobe, but with x7 the DLS
  6. I seem to have the opposite experience, Adobe Stock is rubbish for me. In fact April, was 0 DLS compared to 41 SS and 32 IS. iStock is my biggest earner this year so far, Adobe is lowest behind IS, SS, and AL (I only upload to the 4)
  7. You have some nice photos Oskars, be patient and I'm sure the downloads will start
  8. Great start!! Probably all downhill from now, but fingers crossed! Hope your day improves
  9. Otto, you need a calibration device for the monitor. When using normal monitors like above, I used to have a Spyder calibrator (reasonably cheap, they read the colours/brightness from your monitor and tell you what needs adjusting). Now I have an Eizo with built in calibrator, which is a monitor specifically designed for photographers, but they aren't cheap.
  10. Pretty slow month on SS so far, not a single DL on Adobe for a month, a few zooms on Alamy (so hopefully a sale will appear). iStock havent released royalties yet but have sent a payment so I can work it out, they are now my best performer in 2021 with an RPD of 63c (compared to 30c here) At the end of the day, when I started this a year ago, I had a simple goal of just paying for my Adobe subscription, and I am far exceeding that so it's also funding a few coffees 🙂
  11. I tend to shoot and edit with Arcangel in mind, and submit there first. If rejected, then I see what from the shoot can go onto the micro sites.
  12. Getting accepted is the first hurdle, then getting images accepted is even harder! Rejection rate of about 70% so far... and no reason is given. I dont recall exactly but it was approx 10-20 I think
  13. March has been a pretty good month for me thanks to a couple of small Alamy sales, and a few ODD here. Actually iStock is so far my highest earner this month, with SS 50c behind. As always Adobe is the lowest from my 4 agencies
  14. I'm having a relatively good month so far, with an rpd of 44c on SS (lvl 2), and 2 alamy sales. Adobe is as crap as always for me
  15. Same for me, February was awful, but March is pretty good due to a couple of OD/Singles yesterday, so March already overtook last month. I also got an Alamy sale this month so things are looking ok. It's a rollercoaster
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