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  1. Shutterstock is in the verge of bankrupcy. Yeah. You think it is a coincidence? Founder went out, new CEO came in, and is doing all the cash sucking they can before the ship sinks. Unsustainable, yeah, but they are in panic mode and they are using our hard work to cut their losses as much as they can before they have to close the door.
  2. Hi! congratulations in your milestone! Since it looks like you really want constructive critisism (since you ask for it) I wouldnt invest my time in doing graphic design , specially when your style seems to be "not there yet" ... i will focus on doing lifestyle shooting with models bar you can do this without paying too much (or nothign at all? - family and friends?). You seem to have some photography skills ... just polish them and look for inspiration among the best selling photos (popular) and artists among different categories. If you do enjoy more the graphic desing, then try to keep improoving, theres a lot of really good designers out there ... and also find a way to mass produce without loosing value (similar content) ... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Cheers!
  3. 10 bucks per image for transfering copyright? Scam or legit is a huge insult imho ...
  4. Coronavirus Hit my sales possitively .. perhaps for a lot of "at home" lifestyle content and some "medical" too ... I dont know .. May is going even better that april for me .. and even after the new subscription model for videos im having my best month ever download wise in clips .. half of the month and im 150% over my best month ever in clip downloads. Of course nothign is perfect ... My Average return per donwload in video has gone from approx 21 usd to around 15 .. but if the numbers keep up is a good tradeoff .. Also i noticed that some of those clips that were selling at 0.60 .. 1.50 .. and 3 or 5 dollars (new packs and subs) are ranking better and are bringing normalish sales around 30 and 40 bucks each .. I know all of this is just guessing at its best but i mean .. who hasnt gone CRAZY trying to predict or analyze microstock data at least once? RIGHT? .. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ cheers!
  5. Congratulations! Such a Colorfull Portfolio! I really like the way you capture the scenary of your homeland! Hope you get to 10k soon! Im below 300! i just wish! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  6. So far and specially in video, download and income wise, my first best 10 days of a month ever. I have had multiple "new" subscription model video sales, ranging between 3 and 5 usd ... even some 0.60 ... but ive got the same clips selling some 30..40..60 usd ... so averagin around 15 dollars per download which is 20% lower than my historical, but my monthly video download average is 12!!!!!!!!!!!!! so in 10 days im already 7 clips over that. It will be really hard to predict the trend since its not only a change of model for SS but also the world is uncertain economically ... who knows how microstock could be hit .. but i was expecting with all this crazy times going on that march, april and now may were supposed to be horrible and they have been my BME ... go figure.. so im trying to enjoy it while it last and it has kept me busy .. shooting at home a LOT .. i have a home studio so it helps, and im putting wife and kids to work lol ... As i said, i will just enjoy it while it lasts! Cheers!
  7. People tend to get depressed by the past and suffer anxiety for the future. Nothing like today. This months i have already sold my monthly video quota.. most of the sales above +$25 bar a couple of 0.60 ... so yeah ... whatever comes guess we will make our choices but why not keep working with positivity? cheers!
  8. Yesterday i had a 0.60 sale and 2 x 40.20 + 2 of around $15 ... ... i mean its horrible to see the 0.60s but i ended up making above $130 dollars in SS (with images) for the day which i cant consider bad at all ... while i was working remotely with a customer editing some photos that money arrived ... What i want to say is that the new video clip subscription and clip packs prices will impact sales? Perhaps .. theres a good possibilty .. but has it yet? not in my case... what will i do if sales drop to pennies (all of them) probably wouldnt shoot more .. but i will never take down my portfolio which is already online in SS ...
  9. Hi... I was very upset too when i started having extremely low sales ... but i like to mention that even though in may i had already 4 sales of 0.60 cents *video* ... and a couple of 4.77 s ... i also had some sales of 18 dollars and 3 sales of 40.20 .... so i wouldnt rush to take out the material of the website since there seems to be some normal usual video sales.. just mho .. cheers.
  10. And i bought it last week .. the 2 pack ...
  11. Hi Alexandre, If i may jump in respectfully .. you should look into shooting model released people doing stuff that people do ... My impression is that niches do have a great impact in how average return per portfolio inventory behaves. I do agree that microstock is hard to keep as a main source of income, but 10,300 stills and 1,300 clips of better niches i bet can bring much more money for you. Hope it helps!
  12. Yeah.. i asked the same question in another thread and some people jump at me like i was complaining or something. Answering your question .. Not yet, at least not in my account so i guess considering the whole world situation they are a bit behind schedule .. first time in my case in almost 2 years!
  13. It so freaking weird. Last month (april) was my best month ever .. but curiously, i had MANY great image licensing ($80, $60, $40..) which made my images outperform for the first time my video sales ... The last week of april i have almost 25% less video sales than my weekly average which was honestly worrying .. Fast foward to may i have sold 50% of my total monthly video downloads average just in the 4 first days with sales everysingle day including today. Go figure. Im very happy and i REALLY hope it keeps going this way all month!
  14. So youยดre the type of guy that needs to have the last word? mmmm ok ,,, thanks anyway.
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