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  1. I personally purchased your course a couple of months ago on Vimeo. And 80% of the things you teach were the things my friend thought me. so it seems that There is such a thing as "doing stuff the right way" - the extra 20% were things new to me and i found them very valuable ... so that i introduced them into my workflow. Also i can tell you invested a good ammount of effort and time into the production of the course and you have a very clear and friendly way of teaching. I can recommend it without hesitation to any one looking to make money with video ... i really liked it. Thanks Doug!
  2. Hi Milo, thanks. I was lucky enough to be introduced to microstock 3 years ago by someone who has been highly succesfull in the industy ( still makes more than 100k usd a year with his portfolio) and he though me the way and workflow he approaches it .. and im very gratefull for that. Learning a business the right way is priceless.
  3. It varies - The least ive made is close to $300 and the most around $1000 ... 272 images and +250 videos or so -- on average i may say around $500 a month
  4. AS started a bit better (image wise) for me but nothing out of this world. I hope it picks up though because august last year was a very good month for me.
  5. 5 days and REALLY slow start. Mostly subs (photos) and only 1 clip sale. How has it started for you?
  6. Doing so has many advantages. Having all the agreements clear and legal stuff out, gives you a change to focus on "creating" or "producing". 2nd, sometimes people forget, after a long shoot we have to pack lights, gear, check we are not leaving behing anything. Sometimes some models have to leave early, etc. So yeah, if your portfolio is good it will make "half of the sale" while negotiation for the location, and if you are transparent and have good referencens people will have no problem doing it this way. It sure helps not having issues down the road As i said, its the way i work, not the only way. cheers,
  7. I never pay for location. As Mike say i work Barter arrangement, but i make sure they know beforehand they will get the content 7 days AFTER the shoot. Establish a date of delivery beforehand. Also a number of images. Try to have everything talked and agreed upon starting pre production, and make them sign and agreement. I ALWAYS edit the best images and give them the priority to receive their content before i start uploading my stuff. 1st) because they will be very happy to see great work and you will always have an open door for a free location. 2nd) after you have done that you can focus on yourself without interruptions! Another piece of advice, make them sign a property release for the location BEFORE the shoot too. all of this is my recipe for a conflict free environmet that is sustainable for a long time!
  8. This is my month of july. Image wise ..hmmm kind of "blah" not good but july is my worst month historically ... clipswise... i must say better than expected.
  9. Congratulations! Very nice little cat! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. Photography and Video Production has never been my only income. So i will milk it as long as i can and then move on. I mean, i bought my cameras and i shoot my stuff so im entlited to do the hell i want with them , regardless you like it or not right? --- Dont you see it? YOU are the frog. Go be a man and do something else before you are the one begging for money you prick!
  11. Heยดs just pathetic. I mean, what can be more pathetic that trying to make someone feel ashamed so they can agree with you. Thats kinder behaviour. What a douche!
  12. BLAH BLAH BLAH ...thats all i read. At the end of the day you are just a little prick who likes to force his point of view on everyone else. How pathetic can that be? You can have your oppinion but harrasing people? Its not acceptable. I have reported your behaviour and i REALLY , REALLY hope your IP and account gets banned. You think you are worth more than those 0.43 cents? Then dont do stock. Thats YOUR prerogative. although... Markets and business evolve and die all the time .. and seriously ... you talk about yourself like you are some kind of neurosurgeon ... like you have a G-d given talent? ... anyone can learn video and photography in 6 months nowadays... and buying quality equipment is much more affordable than it was 10 yrs ago... so you though microstock was going to keep paying the same forever when there such a huge ammount of people contributing with acceptable content? any idea how economics work? So yeah, i will keep on contributing for those "cents" (around 50,000 usd cents a months from SS on average) or $1,000 dollars between all agencies because they Help me pay my bills .. and i will not go, like you do, around trying to shame people based on fake morals... pathetic douche. such a tool! FO.
  13. Gosh i really try hard to be empathic to other people. I mean IT SUCKS that we had to receive such a hard paycut but you know what? There are THOUSANDS (or tens or hundred of thousands?) of contributors, each with their own ammount of work behind their content, their own life needs and way of looking at things, and then there is this buch of people like you, who feel so entitled and righteous to go left and right spreading their supposely "higher" morals, trying to make people that do not view things the way they do, less. Guess? June and July for me, with less than 600 pieces of content, have been wonderfull performacewise for me. Iam talking about the money i made at the end. Even after the paycut! --- This month i have sold MANY clips over 15 usd and today i sold a $75 clip. So yeah. Luck? Perhaps, but with a disabled portfolio i wouldnt even have a chance to have this "luck" .. which i dont really agree is only luck, i just shoot stuff with commercial value. ,,,, on the long run perhaps i may make less money, but the money im still making is good enough to help me cover the needs i have, like a sick mother and 3 kids... Does that make me someone with less "self esteem" that doesnt value myself? Hell No! because people like you didnt payed for my content to be produced nor pay my bills ... you have absolutetly no right to critize. I mean, if you are so dissapointed why do you bother comming here for? to bitch about your frustration and try to make everyone who doesnt feel the same way misserable as you? My July clips sales so far. You may not need the money, or you may need it but you can compromise, thats your case not my case buddy. That doesnt make you a better person, being sarcastic about it just makes you look like a big tool douchebag.
  14. As im getting to my third year here i was wondering if for my type of content theres a yearly trend of sales so i found out this: My worst months by far are always June and July My best months are May and October I shoot lifestyle, business. medical etc with model release. I have no idea why , but it happened exactly the same for the last two years. Do you have any recognizable seasonal trend?
  15. Yeah .. im not uploading anymore though .. at least for the moment .. im too scared to invest money on models and shoots ... ๐Ÿ˜•
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