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  1. My adobe stock experience is not being very good, it takes a long time to review the photos, is this normal? I have photos taking 16 to 22 days for the reviewer to see, is it the same with you? best regards
  2. During my 6 months of existence at shutterstock every month I had about 15 image downloads, which made a profit of about 5 euros per month, with about 900 images at this time. Since it changed to 0.10 cents it has been getting worse and worse, I sold an image, on top of that one that I had sold on the last day of May at 0.25 and now I sold it at 0.10, in addition to the price being extremely enslaving, to top it off number of sales dropped a lot. This new moment of the shutterstock is not noticed. best regards
  3. Hello, I have a little bit of everything, I have been photographing for about 3 years and had a lot of content on the computer, so I was uploading everything, and I have some editorial content like that, it has even been the one that has been selling the most. greetings and do not give up, continue to post your content. Best regards.
  4. Yes, I know that the competition is very, very good quality, however I had many photos on my PC and I was uploading some, this is just a hobby and if I can profit from it better, now I am trying to do studio photography and promoters to expand my portfolio further, thank you very much for your opinion, it was with great pleasure that I received it, greetings. and continuation of good work.
  5. Yes, you are right, I am changing that, not least because there is no time for everyone: p
  6. Thank you very much, yes I take some time with some corrections that I think is important for the images to look a little better, thanks for the opinion, continuation of your great work.
  7. Thank you for your opinion, I am already improving this point that you mentioned, thank you, all the best
  8. Hello Guys, I've been on shutterstock for 3 months and I've already managed to make 15 $ in sales, I would like to know your opinion of where I could improve or vary my images, I would also like to know if you think it's a good start? greetings to all
  9. Good afternoon, my name is Paulo Machado, I have been a member of shutterstock since the end of November 2019, so far I have about 650 images, and I have a gain of € 14.60, from the oldest and best known staff on the blog, they have the notion if it's a good start? I have been motivated by this beginning, but as I am still new and a member I have little idea. Thanks in advance Greetings and good photos to all
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