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  1. I don't work until the employees get the money they deserve. Goodbye shutterstock.
  2. It's been 10 cents now it sells less. how do you expect us to earn more. DISGRACE!
  3. you finished yourself Goodbye shutterstock. It would be stupid to work for 10 cents.
  4. My sales have fallen in recent weeks. I guess there will be no point in loading when it's 10 cents.
  5. My sales have fallen a lot for a week. Now this decision should be a joke.
  6. How do you think someone whose main income is shutterstock will make money? It is very sad that you do not think.
  7. Sales fell due to Covid 19. Now it is 0.10 my psychology is broken.
  8. 0.10 is very brutal. Make effort and the result is a huge nothingness. bye bye shutter
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