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  1. I just post the topic of this problem also. I think shutterstock should solve this problem ASAP because my friend who submit footage to shutterstock plan to move to the other website.
  2. Hello everyone, this is my first topic that I post in this forum. I submit the footage to shutterstock nearly one year ago and I got this noise/artifact rejection for some footage and I accept that reason. But for 1-2 weeks ago I met this problem for many of my footage and I surely the quality of my footage is not bad with noise effect as I got from the reviewer. Because I also submit this footage to the other website such as Adobe stock and all of footage pass the criteria of that websites. I also ask my friend and the other person who send the footage to shutterstock and they have the same problem. Someone suggest me to submit only 10 footage in each time but I think not good for me or the other contributor who have many footage and want to submit much more as we can to shutterstock because the process of reviewing about 3-5 days, look like long time for waiting. Therefore, I want to know, dose anyone have the same problem of footage rejection from shutterstock? And dose shutterstock change some system for review the footage? I still impress and happy to sell my work in shutterstock but I hope your team should have some suggestion for the contributors or clearly criteria to help us for submission good work for you.
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