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  1. And posts are being removed again from here🤨
  2. Pete, I do understand having run my own business for over 30 years. I also understand the value of goodwill and long term planning. If SS are lining themselves up to be sold then it follows that they will not care about anything but hiking the price as high as they can. The motivations behind any business always change when greed takes over as I have seen many times. The progression of small companies who look after their employees until they become large enough to lose touch completely with the people who helped build the business in the first place repeats itself again and again. The ma
  3. Occurs to me that if humans are no longer reviewing then costs must have come down for SS. And yet they have hit contributors with a massive cut in payments. Another reason reinforcing my decision to leave SS behind months ago.
  4. And also for nothing. A local online news outlet uses Unsplash for images where media is contributed for no gain. This is clearly not helping to say the least!!! Only one example🙄
  5. Great images Tom. 10 cents for the quality of work you produce is disgraceful and immoral.
  6. Well it has. Expect a cull from the moderators though at some point soon. Seems to happen fairly regularly.
  7. Wait for the realisation of the full impact come January. The forum might not be able to cope with the number of posts when the furore really starts.
  8. This thread might get lost in the barrage of annoyance come 1 January! As I see any payments from photography as a pleasant surprise, I exited from here some time ago and took my business elsewhere. Thankfully I had only joined 6 months before the dreadful decision to cut the payments down to the minimal levels. Less than 500 images didn't hurt too much and the rejection reasons were becoming annoying anyway. Good luck to those who continue here.
  9. Former_Poster, first of all I have upvoted your comment above because I agree and understand much of what you said. Secondly, selective use of someones input to make it look how you want to generates the fake news we are all sick of. You put "out of principle" as if I had said this, can anyone find this in the text of my post? I am not rich and understand that these are as difficult times as they get for many people. I am not so naive to not know that most use many sites to contribute images. "Most people" on SS are hobbyists who enjoy the idea that the images they take mig
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