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  1. Asked to close my account with Shutterstock and get the balance paid some time ago and the full $18 is sitting in PayPal. Coincidence that I have just reached the same balance with Alamy with only 3 sales since switching my images to there compared to the 50+ it took me to get to the same amount on Shutterstock. Alamy sales are infrequent but the contributor reward is at least worth the effort in comparison. I will watch with interest what happens longer term but it is the end of my relationship with Shutterstock. Unfair practices should not be condoned and the only way to stop being treated like dirt is to walk away and promote the hard work put in to create some of the stunning images on here by taking them elsewhere. Change is necessary in any business but change to help yourself, don't put up with changes that help corporate greed. Good luck to all contributors for the future.
  2. Yet you still have your portfolio for sale here!
  3. Wilm, I am entirely with you on everything you say. I understand that many live from the income generated from stock photography and that leaving is not simple. For those who don't, why would you stay? There are alternatives, not just Alamy.
  4. I understand Steven and have heard the same many times about Alamy. i hesitated to close my account with SS after spending the time to submit and suffering the review process. My sales dried up very quickly in the last couple of months here which is why I decided to bring forward what I was going to do at the end of the year anyway. The rebasing to Level 1 is criminal although it doesn't appear to make much difference what level you are at. It seems to me that sticking with SS is helping to kill stock photography for all but the biggest contributors. I repeat what I said before, everyone has different circumstances and some rely on the income from here so good luck to anyone who continues with SS but I can't justify the time it takes to contribute.
  5. Of course I understand that everyone has different circumstances and may have good reason to stick with SS but it shocks me to see such talented work from so many who are now giving away their work for $0.10 most of the time. SS have taken away any incentive for me to continue here, all on Alamy now. Much better system and better paid, albeit for fewer sales which doesn't concern me as this is a sideline. My last image sold on Alamy is equivalent to 66 sales on SS. That's net, the actual amount (before any tax of course!). If you can, time to move on.
  6. Got a very fast reply to closing down my account here and paying the minimal amount owing. Images should become unavailable very soon. The minimum was reduced by SS to $1 so that they can pay me as it stands at less than $35. Not worth the effort to continue here.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I was going to wait until the end of the year before closing my account here but with so few sales it's pointless waiting. Wasted too much time getting images accepted which is why I was going to wait. Can't believe anyone would stay on the current terms.
  8. Interesting that instead of the previous boast about how many images were being uploaded and providing a running total that the current info on the website says the above. I have deleted a few images since July and have noticed that my webpage no longer shows all the information that used to be there. I am a small contributor yet still seem to have got the attention of the powers that be. I have decided to go through the procedure to claim the small amount owed to me and shut down my existence on Shutterstock. Sales have become minimal anyway (only 2 in August and one to date this month). Concentrating on Alamy now where I have already earned more than here since July. Possible that this post will get deleted fairly swiftly! Good luck to all of you.
  9. Just replied to a post from Yuriy Chertok and the post and several others disappeared. this is clearly being monitored and periodically cleared out of information like the protest webpage link that was here just now!
  10. Stopped uploading last month and I'm deleting from my portfolio slowly! All exclusive on Alamy for new content now. 👎 to Shutterstock.
  11. The minimum under the new terms is $0.10. So no, it won't be lower unless the terms are changed again.
  12. That's annoying Mark. I have just deleted another image which I'm gradually doing and will close everything here at the end of the year. I'll never reach $35 but I want whatever there is as I don't want SS increasing there profits further by keeping 1 cent of what they owe me.
  13. It is low for Alamy but at least it's not $0.10. There is some stunning work in SS's database which deserves so much more.
  14. And that is towards the smallest paid. Average is much higher.
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