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  1. Your descriptions does not match your photos. "Female Model doing photoshot wearing red rose top and red jeans underneath sunshine" The photo shows only top third of the woman, and the top is multi-colored plus there are no jeans. Also, why did you use the word 'model' instead of woman or lady?
  2. Hi there I hope you are fine also I am a new (last month) contributor also, but doing photography since the early 80's I have put up 40 or so photos and there has been exactly 10 downloads as of today @ $0.25 a piece which means I am $2.50 richer All money is good money
  3. I think I am getting the hang of it now. Only refusals now are 'This content is too similar to another ....' . They are close, but the depths of field is different, as is the composition. Even got first sale 25c
  4. Most of my photos are being accepted, but yesterday I put a few photos of a bunch of hot peepers I grew (ready for hot sauce). One boring one was accepted. The best one was rejected. "Content contains chrominance noise, luminance noise, sharpening noise, or film grain that detracts from the main subject". My description was: Hot Chili Peppers shallow depth of field with front focus I resubmitted because the photo was exactly the way it was supposed to be. I did however change the description to: Hot Chili Peppers shallow depth of field with sharp front focus and out of focus mid and back. (additional 'and out of focus mid and back') Yes. You guessed it. It was accepted.
  5. Steve, Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay in me answering back, but it seems I am only allowed to make two comments/posts in a 24 hour period. I wasn't really asking questions, as i read several other posts before posting this thread. It was merely an introduction post. Thank you for your advice, and I understand fully that it is difficult to sell. However, getting them accepted is a good start. Also examining the standard of some other good photos should encourage us in turn to improve our own submissions. I seem to be getting the hang of what will be accepted. I had three photos that I re-submitted, accepted the second time round. Two were for description, the other one too like another photo.
  6. Marie I got one rejected for similar today. I resubmitted with altered text and it was accepted within one minute Try leaving out the capitals mid-sentence. I think may you need to add a few more words as well P
  7. I bought my first SLR secondhand in 1984, in London. It was a Canon A1 which I mostly used on manual exposure, and of course there was no autofocus on FD lenses. Myself and the camera took great photos with Ilford, Kodachrome and Ektachrome. Processed my own Ilford, and had a darkroom for printing. Then things took a dive as I sold my darkroom and cameras and bought a 30d DSLR. I never really took a 'winner' on it. Opened an SS account last month and put up a few average photographs from the old 30d. They were rejected and probably rightly so. Yesterday I took a few photos of shell picking at low tide on my 'new' $400 5d Mkii I bought on Ebay from Japan. They were rejected for out of focus. Actually, the parts I wanted to be in focus were in focus. So be it. I am the kind of 'move on' person, who can accept criticism. Today I took a few photos of Orchids we grow here. I just wanted the centre of two of the orchids in focus, so I used f1.8 on an 50mm lens (non L). Most looked real nice, so I submitted one and it was rejected as out of focus. Really? At the time, I had taken one photo at f2.8 along with the others, and the petals were in focus also, because the wider depth of field. Voila, it was accepted. Okay, I know a 100mm macro is better for this job, but at this time, even the non L version is not affordable (new house etc). I am not a bad photographer, and the experience helps a bit, but having an 'eye' for a shot is much more important, and cannot be taught PC
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