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  1. I'm not particularly qualified to critique your pictures, all I can offer is that 51 images is quite small to see consistent downloads unless they are exceptional images that people want to buy. You could probably have a portfolio of one if that one was a high demand picture such as the Queen of England sitting on the toilet. With more common type pictures, it's a numbers game
  2. Unfortunately we don't know the problems for the reviewers, we are all guessing
  3. From my experience SS seems to require the main subject or where the eye falls to be in focus. So for me on the first photo it's the tall spire in the background and for the second it's the dome. Unfortunately I can't really tell from the pics if that is the case but if they are not the sharpest point of the picture then that maybe the reason. Also because images get accepted at different agencies doesn't necessarily mean they will at SS, they all seem to have different acceptance criteria and look for different things. I have had pics the other way round, rejected at as and accepted here
  4. Regardless of what we think SS seems to require at least the main focus point to be sharp even if it's the best arty pic in the world. If the central rose with the water droplet where the eye naturally falls was sharp then I think the photo would pass Ss review That is SS, don't like it then maybe try another agency that will accept more arty pics.
  5. Ok take a deep breath this may hurt. Put in a search 'butterfly resting leaf' which is the caption of one of your images and you will see what your competition is. Would a buyer select your image over those? Just because images get accepted doesn't mean they will sell, check out the competition and produce as good as or better than them for a chance of success. But is it even worth the effort for 10 cents
  6. As a toe-dipping exercise a second hand 7d mk1 goes for between £200-300, so not that extravagent. It's a bit long in the tooth, introduced early 2000's but was designed as 'the pro action' camera, I have been very happy and not sure what an upgrade could do to help take better pictures when the obvious limiting factor is me and probably the most important thing is the glass that you attach to the front. We have just had a storm on the south coast of the U.K. and I was out taking shots of windsurfers jumping waves. At a burst of about 8fps you are always going to grab something and the good old 7d didn't blink. Boxing maybe a bit more of a challenge as one downside is the ability to successfully auto focus in low light, it can be very hit and miss and frustrating (but sometimes I think we expect a little too much from a machine) and it's not that great at high isos.
  7. That is done through the little joystick. Want to focus on something in the bottom left, a couple of flicks on the joystick and move to that af point without taking your eye from the viewfinder. Very easy.
  8. No, you still have to go through a couple of steps to change the af type, but there is always ways around it. The 7d (as well as others) has 3 customisable settings that you can store and each can be selected by just switching the knob on the top. So I used to set two of these one for birds in flight on a zone system and one single point for stationary beasties. these days as my tracking has got a little better I just use single point so switching type does not really feature for me anymore as I said maybe even newer models have better ways of doing this but even an older camera has improved this
  9. The concept is the same on the 7d, the joystick makes it quick and simple to select the one you want. You can't move the af point just select one that's over the target from the collection you have i'm pretty sure most more modern canons have the same concept, I'm just familiar with the 7d
  10. Actually Patrick just re-reading this presumably you did mean moving the af point around to put it onto an off centre target and not changing from single point to zone point etc?
  11. I have a canon 7d mk1 and controlling the focus points is super easy. Changing them can be set to be controlled by the little joystick on the back which is conveniently placed just about where your right thumb falls.
  12. Maybe there is some commercial photo restrictions associated with that museum
  13. Why would you expect them to be refused?
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