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  1. Thanks Doug - That helps a lot and knocks at least the Z190 off my list. So now I'm down to the two choices. And thanks for the tripod recommendation. It is exactly what i was looking for!
  2. I was just about to make my first post about video cameras when I saw this! I have been doing stock for about 12 years and have decided that this is the year to master video. Given that i am a complete novice the video camera choices are making my brain hurt. I had it narrowed down to the Sony PXW Z190 and the PXW Z90V. I originally started with the Sony A7iii but I think I have crossed that off my list. I have a Cannon 5D and a Cannon R for stills and some really good lens so I don't need it to do both. Would like something light weight for traveling. I have about a 5 grand budget for everything but would need a good tripod as well. I would like something I could grow into as i learn more. I had thought about the Lumix and saw that it had some Excellent reviews. Would you recommend that instead of the dedicated Video Cameras? I do like the fact that the video cameras have filters and zoom lens included so i wouldn't have anything extra to buy. Thanks for help!
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