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  1. Why not upload pictures using FTP software
  2. In my picture portfolio, many pictures of other categories are displayed. Some of them are sold and some are not sold. May I ask that the unsold pictures are displayed on the homepage of the picture portfolio. Is this normal?
  3. Haha, I already have 7,000 copies and my income is very stable, with dozens of cents a week!
  4. Shutterstock is now automatically reviewing images, not manual review, so if some images are clearly approved, they will not be approved. Just get used to it. You need to import the picture into the picture modification software to enlarge it to delete or cover the gray dots. Using photoshop or lightroom will be very convenient and fast, but there is a charge.
  5. You try to log in to your payoneer account. If you can’t log in, there is a prompt that your payoneer account is banned. My account is banned, so I will call them on Monday to lift the ban.
  6. I would like to ask a group of photos that have been uploaded and approved for secondary color matching, such as adjusting to the film style, old photo style, etc., and whether it is possible to upload them again for sale after being approved. Example:
  7. It's better to use premiere to reduce the noise of video before uploading, and use ACR or LR for image denoising. It's the same thing. Many of my videos and pictures are rejected for this reason.
  8. How do you do All the pictures I uploaded from July 10 to July 13 have been approved, but the photos that have been approved in the past few days have not been updated to my account page. Now the number of the photo collection is still the number of 4 days ago. What's the matter?
  9. Please delete my account, thank you. 姓名:JUNYANG YANG Registration email: avi147@163.com
  10. Hello administrator: When I first registered my account, I didn't see the help files for shutterstock account and paroner account registration. My registered name didn't match my certificate name. Later, I re registered my new account. The certificate of the new account is the same as the bank account and the old account, but the name is different from the old account, but it is the same as my certificate. Now the new registered account has been uploaded Picture, I just saw the help of account registration. I'm really sorry. Can I delete the old account? Please reply me, thank you. My old account name: JUNYANG YANG My new account name: JUNYANG
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