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  1. I find that photos that feature large quantities of foliage in them do get rejected because of 'noise'. AI obviously doesn't understand what foliage is.
  2. Thanks for your comments. The reason why I ask this was on the basis of can SS claim more money off the buyer for using it for commercial purposes - of which presumably I get a share of? @Darla Hallmark I presume so. Because it shows recognisable property, I categorised it as Editorial.
  3. I've just found a photo of mine (a shot of a new build house) that I sold on SS being used for commercial purposes. It's on a website of a building company being used to market their services. Being recognisable property, the shot should only be used for editorial purposes. Presumably, this is a breach of the licencing agreement? Being a relative newcomer to the stock industry, what do you do on circumstances like this? Will SS sort it out (and seek recompense), or do you contact the user direct?
  4. Affinity Designer (along with Photo & Publisher) is currently 30% off at the moment. At around £33.99, it's an absolute bargain.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I did resubmit with 'Much Hadham' removed from the keywords, but it was rejected again for the same reasons. I've resubmitted it one more time with the following keywords). I've reduced the image size and added a bit more sharpening. Let's see what happens. I'm not holding my breath... UPDATE - Just been approved!
  6. Just resubmitted it taking on board your suggestions - and it's been rejected for focus and keywords again. Can't be arsed in submitting it again, Alamy & Dreamstime have just accepted it
  7. Thank you! Mainly a Sony A7 III with a Sony 24-105 f4 lens, but occasionally my Canon 5D MKIV with Canon 24-105 lenstoo
  8. Thanks for your feedback y'all This is a tree that I've shot in every season and its images sell well (twice today) on SS and on other sites. All the other pics of said have 'stand out...' in the keywords because it's a solitary tree in a field and buyers have used the phrase 'stand out from the crowd' a number of times. But I guess it doesn't really 'stand out' in fog! Although the image looks soft, you can see detail - although the shot is very low contrast and perhaps that's fooling the AI. I try your suggestions and see how it goes.
  9. Just had an image rejected because its apparently out of focus (it's not, its razor sharp), but also for the keywords. I've used the same keywords on similar shots with no problem. Can anyone see where the problem might be? Thanks.
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