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  1. This has just been rejected. Apparently, it's out of focus (it isn't) and it has noise (it doesn't). In the meantime, it's been accepted by Alamy and Dreamstime.
  2. Just managed to sort it! In the Tax Centre page "Submit a new tax form" section, you have to say you are an individual rather than a business. Then the W8BEN form appears for you to complete.
  3. I need to submit a tax form and based on my circumstances (UK based sole trader), I have to submit a W8-BEN form. As SS don't have one of these forms on their Tax centre page, I found one, completed it and sent it to the taxhelp@shutterstock.com address form as instructed on their page. SS have since got back to me saying they: "...cannot process W8-BEN form manually, they can only be submitted electronically. Please visit our Tax Center to complete and submit your tax form electronically." The problem is that there is no link for this form on that page (although there is a W-8 BENE form but it's not for foreign individuals) and indeed, the forms they have there, you cannot complete 'electronically'. You have to download the PDF and complete it by hand. I've pointed this out to SS, but they haven't responded. I need to get this resolved as I'm due to receive a payment very soon. Any help/advice on what I should do would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for that Sue - just resubmitted it without the £ sign/numbers and it's been approved.😀
  5. I've tried to submit the following image shown below 3 times, and every time it has been rejected because of the title. Reasons shown was: Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess" The titles I used include: "Illegal fly tipping of waste in a lane with a sign saying 'No fly tipping. Maximum penalty £50,000' in the background. Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. UK". I then changed the title to: "Illegal dumping of waste in a lane with a sign saying No fly tipping. Maximum penalty £50,000 in the background. Bishop's Stortford Hertfordshire. UK". Can anyone see why SS don't like the title?
  6. I'm on Level 1 and just earnt 22 cents on an image sale. What would have that been on the old earnings system - $1.88?
  7. Hey Kate! Your announcement has gone down pretty well, hasn't it? I am of course being sarcastic...
  8. So I'm currently in level one. Instead of getting $0.25 per download, what am I going to get now?
  9. Why not try it out for free? Currently you can get it on a 3 month free trial - or 50% off. That means you can get it for a one-off (no subscription) payment of around $30.00 in your money. Basically, its an absolute no-brainer at that price. I've never used Designer myself, but I have Publisher and Photo and they are both very good. In my view, the Affinity suite is the first credible competitor to Adobe.
  10. Just discovered that a couple of my images have appeared on stockvault.net, where the photos are linked to Shutterstock. Are they part of Shutterstock? Rather worried as it seems they give away free stock photos.
  11. Thanks Linda - I did see that section, It gives me the images sold, downloads and earnings, but it's not giving me the keyword info for some reason. To date I've only sold 3 shots, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm lead to understand that when you sell a photo, its possible to see the keywords that buyer used to find and purchase your photo. If that is the case, how do you do this? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm new here - and generally new to supplying stock photos in general. I recently had a number of images rejected because the content was too similar to other photos I submitted. On one example, I submitted an image of a combine harvester and a tractor working together at sunset (see attached photo), which as accepted. A second image submitted at the same time of a combine harvester working alone (and taken 10 years previously!) at sunset was rejected, because it was "too similar to another image". Granted they have a similar colour tone - but are they that similar? A large number of images of different white cloud formations against a blue sky were also rejected for the same reason. Are the photos reviewed by humans, or do Shutterstock use some sort of algorithm? On situations like this, is the trick to submit photos that have a similar feel on separate days?
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