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  1. But how can will decrease our earning? I think this free download is for the people who would never going to buy an image. What if the free download user turns into small subscription pack user. Who knows what will happen as shutterstock loses it's credibility with new earning. Let's hope for the best.
  2. Freepik.com has many free files available on their site. But still contributors are getting higher downloads even better than Shutterstock. So, nothing to worry about. It will increase the downloads more and more. Thanks.
  3. Any contributor who is just angry on this, just try to understand the context please. in Freepik.com Customer gets free image, vector and other high quality files for free. Why would customer wants to buy from Shutterstock where they are getting high quality files in free in Freepik.com? To compete against sites like Freepik, Shutterstock has to follow this sorts of plans. Thanks everyone.
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/virus-coronavirus-disinfection-illustration-vector-concept-1677030145
  5. Yes, that should be the ultimate goal for all of us.💞
  6. To be clear, I am not supporting Sutterstock's new payment structure. Its' bad really bad than what other sites are doing.
  7. Why would I bother to upload more where I haven't got any single sell for the half of the moth despite of having bulk vector and video upload almost every day?
  8. Yes they have sevearl problems and weakness to compete against Shutterstock. But their payment is high.
  9. But I am constantly uploading content on Adobe both vector and video and still I got this result. very bad.
  10. Sorry I for double posting. Which one should I delete this one or previous one?
  11. Do you think constant .10 c sells are depressing? Than look at this. On Adobe Stock I haven't had a single sell since 13 June. --- You have to admit other microstock sites are shit and that's why Shutterstock got the power to take this dicition. -- After the BycottShutterstock trend I only given content to Adobe Stock and this is the result I have got. And at the meantime with no new content and 0.10 c sell Shutterstock out performed.. -- Currently I have AVAILABLE EARNINGS $20.36 on Adobe Stock and on Shutterstock I have $24.56. and I am getting constant sells on shutterstock on one single vector image. -- Don't get me wrong. I am not supporting shutterstock's huge 0.10c sell But you have to admit other sites are Shit as well. Hash truth or realty you say. -- Thanks. I am open to any kind of comment on this.
  12. Hello, I wants to know how to take advantage of new payment structure and earn more? Is it possible? is there any hope? Anyone out there having success with this new payment system? Is it possible or its just a day dream? 😓 Thanks for your time.
  13. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/abstract-dark-background-illustration-lines-elements-1720381006
  14. But none of us getting more than 0.10 downloads even after level 1.
  15. I am using Xpicks and File Zilla but none of them are working to upload video to Shutterstock. Please help
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