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  1. Well I tried to learn Blender but it was too hard... So I gave up. And another question. I love your all videos. What's your computer configuration? As rendering is very resource hungry. and how long it takes to render 20 second scene? Thanks.
  2. Which agency gives you the most earning after these big boys? Please also share your port size and when you started. Thanks.
  3. Any comment? For who saying it's getting worse, does your SS earning is lower than other agencyes? Then what's your portfolio size and which agency's working best for you?
  4. What is Off Set is for? Exclusive images? Is it important for us as a contrebutor?
  5. I also agree with wrong button theory :) try it again.
  6. Then why they includes those irrelevant blogs in the contributor dashboard? does this add up??
  7. If 90% of it does not help contrebutor, then what's the point of adding "Additional resources" in contributor dashboard? Those articles are annoying to me as those does not help or attract me as a contributor at all.
  8. Hello, I wants to know, what's the purpose of "Additional resources" in our contributor page? 90% of irrelevant topics, which does not help me at all as a contributor. For example, Look at the latest blog, how does it relate or help us as a contributor? Does Shutterstock has open the option to submit Insatragram Stories? Then what's this idiotic section is for? Who's the audience of those blogs? Contributor or Shutterstock Customer? Those sucks. For context, Look at the contrebutor blog of Freepik. Tell me your thoughts on it. Thanks.
  9. Yes, it's better to keep selling files here and find alternative path along the way.
  10. Hello, While setting up my Shutterstock account I have done speling mistake. I have written Ferdoushi Begum Actual one is Ferdousi Begum (without H). Would It effect the Tax Form as the shutterstock account name and the National ID card name is diffrent? Please help. I have emailed Shutterstock, but they are not responding.
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