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  1. I have currently 502 Downloads. Why I am still in Lavel 3 after more than 500 Downloads?
  2. When I create an icon set, should I also upload each icon on a separate file to increase file count and make the search algorithm favor to me? Will stock agency algorithm favor me in this way? As they are item of same group, they all look similar. and it could also look similar to other's icons. Will it create some sort of problem? Please help. The image is only for demonstration purpose.
  3. So what about the people who claims that who gets regular downloads would go onto Level 2 or 3 within January?
  4. Same for me. last 3 days, not even a single download. Great start of 2021 <3
  5. Does it mean any type of trolling to Shutterstock?
  6. There is also seem to be no point in non-exclusivity either as only 2 or 3 websites are giving enough downloads.
  7. What's the point of non-exclusivity when only 2 or 3 websites earns you decent money and one of them is always comes on top?
  8. Well the plan backfired horribly. The fire is still burning.
  9. I really love this initiative. But I whish there was regular downloads like it is here.
  10. Like whats the motivation? in whole thread people are focusing on spending time on other places other than microstock. Is it a hursh reality of microstock's future?
  11. I am contributing to several website including SS, Adobe Stock, iStock and others. But other than SS I don't get enough sell. For example, Adobe Stock has not given any sell in last 3 weeks. Why doesn't all microstock platforms performs in a same way? why only SS is the winner?
  12. Great to know your insights. I am a noob contributor here for video, how many file and time you had to reach to get the first download? And did you got download on others platfroms?
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