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  1. Ohhk... i do not know abut that...please can you share the links where i can get more info about it? No, I have created them, i can show the source files also. But you can say that they are not so unique. The images i created are not so great. but will do better now. I want to know why are you asking this? because my impression is that the SS will not approved my image if they are copied from other website?
  2. Yes you are right! i know how it work. My previous freelance profile took 1 year to get considered. SO i think i can have that much patience. The thing which is important to be more creative and hardworking because the com,petition is huge. Thanks for your suggestions. It's really helpful.
  3. Great! Thanks. I got my Answer. Thanks You make sense by explaining things with these examples. I understood what you are saying and i totally agree with you. Before getting into it totally, i wanted to know about how the experienced designers and photographers are doing here and about the approach, we have to take to get sales here. So i thought forum must be the best platform for it. Thanks for the ideas to @Wilm Ihlenfeld @Sheila Fitzgerald and now i can do better when i know that it is worth putting my time and efforts into it.
  4. I am here to experience this as i was not too sure. You post gives us the hopes and will definitely post whenever my profile starts responding. Just trying hard to get recognition in this competitive space.
  5. Hello, I am new here and after reading your article, the thing which is bothering me is that 11 sales is a very good start for a profile but getting only $5.68 for 11 sales is little less for me. I have read all the policies and rules of payment but don't you feel the price is less. Wanted to know your opinion.
  6. you have a great content. Best of luck. You have a bright future ahead here at SS.
  7. Hello, I am trying to post my profile on social media along with being active on forum. What else can i do to get the visitors?
  8. I think i have to upload the rejected images again after removing the reason why they were rejected.
  9. Today, I gone through this amazing article and liked the creativity and Story telling art of different artist. This is truly inspiring. I loved the first one Poster by JC Moreno.... Truly amazing and have a look at the use of typography. No wonder, it is in the top rank. This is something, which is mesmerizing. https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/oscar-pop-movie-posters Share your views and one you like with little explanation that why you like that poster?
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