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  1. At these new rates, why would photographers/videographers contribute to ss? Horrible!
  2. I used to use filezilla also, but several months ago it wasn't working so I downloaded a different ftp app, cyberduck. Try that, it works fine for my video uploads on ss.
  3. and Fave for stock food shots Canon 6D with nifty fifty and 430EXIII speedlites
  4. I've had Canon 6D for a while--love it with my 16-35 f4 and 100-400 for wildlife, don't like the 24-105 lens, isn't sharp enough More recently, got Sony a7iii with 70-200 love it for video, low light, wildlife and tamron 17-28 great lens maintains straight lines, doesn't have the distortion I get with canon love my dji Mavic Air with polarized pro filters, may get the pro 2 for better image quality and ability to set way points love GoPro hero7 for driving video, timelapse, hyperlapse, underwater, action shots and selfies Going to get 24-105 for the sony for travel all around use
  5. I agree, I've experienced the same as you--not many sales on P5 with many more clips, I'm doing better with video on ss. Photographers are going to have to test it out for themselves and see where they make the most sales.
  6. 😎Thanks a lot @Steven Tritton
  7. @Kirk Fisher LOL, Thanks Kirk-yeah that would be nice... Haven't even hit the $500 mark on this site yet, but going to build up my portfolio and see how it goes.
  8. @Doug Jensen Very impressive stats! Thanks for giving details of your experience here, definitely gives me hope. I've still got a small portfolio here and not many videos, but I'm encouraged by recent sales from a wildlife clip of mine that has made some decent sales for me 😎 Now is a great time to go through your video and stills libraries and upload some new stuff!
  9. Wow, good for you! Great portfolio- I like the variety- clean, colorful and not similar images 😎
  10. Having just a few sales this month, a few subs of cocktails and wildlife. And today a video sale for $101! 😎
  11. I don't think it's the woman, looks like the cat is being euthanized?
  12. Ridiculous rejections lately...first they say delete keyword vector then they reject for blurry rasterization of clean illustration--just annoying
  13. One of my video clips sold for the first time earlier this month for $23 and then sold again today for $32!! Looks like I need to build up my video portfolio here. I have a larger exclusive video portfolio on another site that hasn't done much in sales. I have only 17 vid clips on here, testing if I should focus more of my video efforts on ss...
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