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  1. Just made 3 sales to the same customer of three aerial photos at 10c each, have just deleted all of my aerial photos from this site. I don't like to be insulted and if I left the Aerials here it would undercut my sales of the same photos on other sites that still pay a decent commission. Haven't uploaded any new photo content since June, it just isn't worth my effort.
  2. SS just ask me for feedback, not great timing after seeing more 10c downloads today, not surprising that my feedback was a tad negative, not that it will make any difference. Haven't submitted any new content since the new price structure was announced, I will concentrate on other stock agencies. Will wait until the end of this month or payment threshold before disabling my content.
  3. Just received three 10c downloads with one being an aerial photo taken with my drone, rather an insult when you consider the work time and effort that went into the photo, I had already stopped uploading new photo content here after 1st June and thought I would just continue with footage. But not sure now if I want to leave my best aerial work here with this new pay structure.
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