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  1. I am sure you will see a huge improvement with the Nikon Z6ii, I bought the Z6 last year and upgraded from the Nikon D5600. The image quality was very good with 5600 and I still use it for photos but the video quality was hard work to achieve acceptable results, the Z6 is excellent for videos with the full frame sensor and IBIS which works very well and the auto focus never lets me down. I am sure you will be impressed with the Z6ii, certainly with the difference with footage quality.
  2. Here in the UK I received a mail from IG Index a broker providing CFD and Spread betting services that are not allowing any new positions in Gamestop or AMS Entertainment, clients can only close existing positions but now require a100% margin to hold their positions.
  3. I have heard that some hedge funds have borrowed billions of $ to close their GME short positions, I have no sympathy for them but fear that these Wall Street firms will use every means available to them to go after Reddit and the private investors. Can't have private investors beating them at there own game! As for Robin hood they have shown that they are no different than the large hedge funds, people had always wondered how they could offer dealing free commissions, I wonder what the financial arrangement was with the hedge funds?
  4. I am following with interest but certainly not participating. Think it's a battle between private investors on Reddit going long with recently received FED cheques and large institutional investors on the short side. It's a totally mad valuation and there will be some large losses suffered as well as huge gains. I read that reddit are now looking at Silver where there are huge short positions from the bullion banks to try and keep the price suppressed, JP Morgan have been influencing the market with a large physical position and perhaps larger short positions. Reminds me of the
  5. I use a DJI Mavic Pro and find it is best to mainly use for footage on a clear and sunny day without too much haze, it's difficult to achieve clean footage on an overcast day but if I do use the drone in those conditions I try and just focus on the ground with little or no cloud in the frame which introduces noise. Unfortunately in the UK at this time of year it requires patience to wait for the best conditions.
  6. I also use a Mavic 2 Pro and find that either 264 or 265 is fine and best to use aperture at F4 or near for sharpest quality, if you are using d-log 265 it needs good editing or a good luts because it is a flat image, so the colours need to be brought out. Sometimes some denoise helps also.
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