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  1. Tank you. Yes but I see it in a less serious way. I have been a photographer for many, many years and the most interesting photos was taken by my wife who is no longer there. She did not know the photographic technique but her artistic sense brought her acclaim from the magazines of the sector. But we are not here to talk about art but instead of understanding within what parameters a photo can be accepted or rejected. It is only a matter of evaluating values, not of robotization. Each of us the object or the subject who photographed sees it differently and gives the camera different settings,
  2. Hello everyone! I am new to this site and, as for me, many others have also had photos rejected due to excess grain, inaccurate focus, noise and artifacts. To avoid uploading shots that will be rejected each time, it would not be possible to use a program in advance that tests its validity and gives a score for the different values which, beyond which, gives the likely certainty that the photo will be accepted. Thanks for your patience!
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