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  1. Steve, As a matter of fact I did read it a lot, especially the first pages but I never reacted because I feel it's weird to react to a post made 6 months before 😅 Anyway it's a great topic a I like the advices a lot! It is very useful! I will probably read the new entrance and react if I'm around!
  2. Oh thank you! I just open this topic and recognize the Sunwapta falls (and Dubrovnik?). Lovely pictures! Where did you took the first two? I love the advice and the little story that goes with it... I tried to search if I used it in my photographs but it is not that common for me so I'll try to use it more often!
  3. I give you a 10/10 as predicted quality for this 😍 (It is even suggested on the bottom right one)
  4. That is really a curious / important / scary feature... So far I find it on very few pictures, and most of them would be with someone. They go from 7 to 10/10. Curiously I think the quality of some 9/10 is not great that great: https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-photo/beautiful-view-village-sainterosedunord-saguenay-fjord-1560160493 It was taken with a compact camera in low light conditions in jpeg with lot of editing after... Same issue with this one which gave me more downloads (8/10): https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/image-photo/contemplative-woman-sitting-s
  5. Is that photo a part of your "to see more!" quote? 😅
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