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  1. Hi, Almost 4 month now, almost 200 photograhs. My sales yet have been very stable, two photographs per month. Almost all are landscapes, one of a building and one of wooden fisherman boats in the sea. I was starting to upload videos too, downloaded Davinci resolve and seek for some footage that I have taken some time ago, but now I read videos are not going to be profitable anymore. I think I am late again.
  2. Thank you for the feedback! I don't get why people are so sensitive some times with critiques, I quite enjoy them (do you enjoy reviewing portfolios?). I have learn a lot and still learning . For example, now I realize that I have to clean my sensor, and is a typical thing in mirrorless cameras (which I own). Summarizing, I pass my first month in SS, and i sell 4 photographs. I think is a good way to start and motivates me, so i will continue to upload and see what happen.
  3. Sell my first photograph today! After two weeks of starting uploading.OMG Tthe feelings.
  4. Thank you very much for your complements, I really appreciate. I was ready for harsh critiques, so is a nice surprise. Can you have the same photo both as commercial and editorial? I haven’t find something that said otherwise, haven’t seen any portfolio with that either.
  5. Thank you for the advice, I will do that and see what happend. About the quality of the image, i have a few consideration i want to share... As a self made photographer, I have a lot of pictures of my family and friends, and the have really appreciate them, giving me the impession that my techniche and editing skills where getting better everyday Thats naturall if you considere there where ussed to take and share snapshots. ... BUT, in the process of uploading images here, I realice of something that I didn't see, but have read a lot. Noise and sharpness. Now I see my old photos and I find them everywhere, its crazy! Its a possitive thing after all, now I see good photography and undestand the difference with mine. Also now im planning on how to improve my technique having does factors in mind. So maybe SS doesnt going to make me rich, but hell its helping me to improve.
  6. Hello, Three years ago, my daughter was born I decided to buy a camera, without any knowledge or passion for photography (I was aiming more from video back then). Then it starts a process that couldn’t be stop, I see every youtube tutorial I can get, buy (and read) some photography books and take a lot of pictures. I started quite old in this, but I feel I have grown a lot. Recently I discover stock photography and I sign in with the hope that someday it can pay my equipment. Will see. It’s a hard process, I discovered. A lot of pics rejected for reasons I didn’t knew they have. Also, as I used to take pictures of my family only, I realize I have wasted a lot of opportunities of having good commercial photograph of things and locations. I live in Chile, South America. I noticed there isn’t much photos in SS near my locations. Could be this an opportunity? Or is because nobody really cares about my home town in a far away country? I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. I have being reading the forum and I discover that most of you are very good people. I can take some brutal honest critiques (I think is the only way to grown in life). I think I will have 100 pics in port soon, and I will have to slowly make some more.
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