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  1. Just got another patch rejected. It's crazy. Taking into account how much money we are making them monthly in sales.
  2. If I recall well it's shot on 800. Which honestly isn't that high for BMPCC. The color grading is the look we are going for, call it art if you want Learned that trick too, so it was 9 videos in total, 3 from the same shoot. My point with all this is that I would understand if the shot was horrible, under or over exposed or grainy and noisy as hell, but it is not. I heard rumors from other contributors that high rejection percentage influences the "algorithm" and decreases your visibility, but don't know how much of that i true..
  3. An update. File rejected this morning by SS, got sold by Adobe this afternoon...
  4. We live in the matrix 🤦‍♀️ Also sorry for creating the unnecessary new topic. It all just bottled up and gave me an anger attack. If those are even real
  5. seems that there is no AI involved. At least that what @IM_VISUALS was told. My point is that I understand the strictness that is needed to make sure they only get the good non repetitive stuff. But it seems very excessive and there is no real explanation. Multiple files through this period were rejected and they were perfect. We are looking to change the compression settings to save more dynamic range. In any case, SS is making life incredibly hard, and I thought we were over it after the first year on the platform.
  6. Hi everyone, I am starting this topic to ask for your advice. Lately 70% of my footage has been rejected for Noise/Artifacts reason. And by lately I mean the last 4-5 months. We've been submitting videos for more than 4 years, and we always improve the quality of our color grading and the equipment we shoot on. Right now we are even downscaling from 6k footage to 4k. We've been trying to tackle the issue by using more denoiser in Da Vinci and filming with more light, but SS reviewers still cut us short on every upload. I understand that lately the policy been to decrease the amount of low quality content, not trying to sound pretentious, but I feel like with our multiple shots being on first pages of different category best sellers proves that we take time and pride in creating and editing our content. To add the cheery to the cake, we even uploaded a video which was a static shot, and only a small piece in the center was moving. Call it cinemagraph if you want. And then that shot got rejected for noise. How can you have noise if the image i not even moving? Have you had similar issues? Did you manage to get someone proper to talk to and not an AI? I don't know who to tag, but I guess @Alex Shutterstock and @Kate Shutterstock can explain why SS is black listing their "veteran" contributors. It honestly makes me very sad, taking into account how much effort we put in, and how well our content is accepted on other platforms. Stay safe and healthy! Peace
  7. Hi guys, Has anyone else experienced incredibly low sales in video sector this month? So far I think it's at least three times lower than my December stats, and everyone knows December is a slow month. Anyhow, that really is unsettling since stocks is my main source of income. Would be interesting to hear if any else had low numbers. Best
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