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  1. You honestly think they are going to bother to reply.....
  2. I used to get a minimum payment every month, now it has taken me 3 months to get to the minimum. Having said that, so far I have deleted about 500 photos (mainly commercial) since June, out of 3000 so far, and am accelerating the deletions as I see more and more pathetic subs coming in. I am hoping to be out of here by November at the latest. it is just awful seeing Photos being sold for 10 cents. The Good news though is that I am seeing increases in sales in the other Agencies I am submitting to which are almost covering my monthly shortfall from SS after the Payment change, with fewer numbers of photos so far uploaded to them than SS.
  3. With the greatest respect Ron, why not look through the forum and read the copious amounts of messages regarding this new payment structure....
  4. 2 x ODD and 20 x 10 cent subs, Income has halved, sales are down. This is why I am busy slowly deleting stuff starting with my best sellers, now that I have reached the minimum payout. I am not sure what SS expected to achieve with this new "opportunity", but I am no longer going to be part of the experiment.
  5. Rather than un-publish, I am preferring to just delete my content manually....it is extraordinarily cathartic in doing so. Even more so when they are selling elsewhere SS will not be changing their mind about stuff anytime soon, so I don't really see the point in just Un Publishing....but each to their own, People must do what they feel is right for them and their situation.
  6. A classic bit of FAKE NEWS...need to get him knocked off Twitter!!
  7. You obviously do not meet their stringent criteria...... Maybe it's also a good idea to read through the forum and question why you should bother uploading in any case, and indeed question your own motives for using SS? It's probably time to move on in so many ways.
  8. Having just got a nice 0.11 for an image, I have also disabled my Port until sanity (if there is any) resumes. next stop deleting.....
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