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  1. it was doing quite well, I shot it pretty recently during covid lock in, and before SS removed BB it was on the first page for the search term "burger" which has insane levels of competition. set up was pretty quick since I have a small studio setup permanently ready to go for this kind of stuff and that was actually my lunch that arrived by delivery.
  2. I feel like it is moronic to waste time rendering, uploading, titling, tagging something that will frankly never sell. all jokes aside I would recommend you work on your quality and don't waste time on things you know will not do anything. its actually quite hypocritical you wasting time on terrible footage while claiming I don't know how to be efficient submitting stock and I'm lazy for not using spread sheets. I would say wasting time on terrible clips is probably worse than spending 15% so you can focus more on creating better quality content. just for reference this is one of mine
  3. been looking through your portfolio you really go for quantity not quality... https://www.shutterstock.com/es/video/clip-1047997552-roatan-honduras-circa-feb-2020-two-large https://www.shutterstock.com/es/video/clip-1049024497-wave-crashes-down-slow-motion-breaks-onshore
  4. so in your view if someone is not submitting with spread sheets to track their stock videos they have no understanding of business... ok then 🤣
  5. that is very presumptuous of you, considering you have no idea who I could be
  6. I'm not farming out meta data, I physically shoot with someone , and we just share the rewards. also stock is not my main income YouTube is, although I probably make better stock videos than 99% of people on SS
  7. stock websites should pay their biggest asset better, that asset being people/creators that do most the work to make the content their entire business is built on
  8. well there are more upsides than just not having to copy paste the meta data every where, like for example I share revenue with some one that helps me shoot the clips, you can easily share your revenue with several parties if you have to. BB is great for collaborations. I do think they should have a lower fee than 15% maybe around the 5-7% would be better, but I think with time and size that may come. then again I think SS should have a way lower fee them taking between 85-60% is a joke, also no single creator can hit their 40% share so realistically its more like 85%-75% for SS which
  9. finally BB mentioned something about this on their platform: Hello BlackBox Member,This notification is to inform you that one of our agency partners, Shutterstock, has temporarily suspended the BlackBoxGuild contributor account as a result of a DMCA Copyright claim.During this suspension and review, we will continue normal operations but will defer submitting new content to the agency involved.We regret this unfortunate situation and we are doing everything we can to return to normal operations. We will be in touch as soon as we have definitive answers to share with you.The BlackBox Team
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