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  1. Two new values for Level 4 On Demand 2,41 - Spain 2,01 - Portugal Thanks you @chyworks.
  2. New value for Level 4 On Demand: 1,08 (All from Germany) Just got the same.
  3. Three new values for Level 4 On Demand 3,87 - Netherlands 3,14 - Japan 2,16 - UK
  4. Some clients have a special agreement. A few months ago I sent an e-mail to Compliance after seeing one of my photos in DailyMail and showing 0 sales here (not available anywhere else at the time) and received a reply saying they pay only once per month. Granted, about 10 days latter the sale was reported.
  5. Thank you Milo Very impressive. Congratulations.
  6. Since last October. Didn't get 1.000 print, but not complaining about the 2 extra downloads
  7. Hi everyone, Generally I've no problems in the acceptance process, rejections are usually justified, but this Altered Editorial is puzzling me. About a month ago I had 5 pictures rejected together by Altered Editorial, fairly sure they were not altered in the sense of adding or removing objects (presumably the aircraft for the reviewers) I tried again, one at a time, three of them got through. But the other two don't get through, no matter what. I tried adding to the caption they were taken from a helicopter but no luck, both rejected 4 times. There's anything that can be done or just try over and over again or give up for now and try weeks later since edit, remark and keywords are already done anyway? I've multiple other shots from the same session accepted in the past, hope the future ones don't go the same way. Best regards.
  8. Third full month uploading to Shutter Stock and despite the last four days being understandably really slow, I'm happy with 107 downloads now versus 64 last month, higher growth than the portfolio size in the same time. Lots of work, but addicting 🙂 Happy new year everyone!
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