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  1. The problem I have with AS that they dont accept Editorial content. ON SS and Getty I sell a ton of Editorial content and very little regular one
  2. Alamy is just real bullshit I have uploaded on two different batches with a very large time difference 3 and 1 pic. The first of those 2 uploads was on 9th of april. last week I got them rejected. and they not only rejected both batches in one go but also blocked my account for 10 days. Not to mention that the pics I have uploaded are uploaded on other plattforms. The only thing why I am continuing on alamy is that I had one sale and I don't want to give it to them
  3. I have the same problem. 105 Pics sold, still LV 1. Why is that ??
  4. keywording on IS is terrifiying. They have their own keywords which you quite often will not find. and even if you bring on the first part it will not show you all the words they have in the system. awful
  5. my main problem with AS is that they dont accept editorials. I have 104 Downloads on SS on a port of 200 pics. The rest (AS, Alamy and DT) are less then 10
  6. before talking you should know. I am an existing contributor at alamy since approx 1 year or so. QC standards are ok to have. But it's stupid to ask more then other stock agencies do
  7. Alamy is a pain in the ass like no one I have 3 Pics in QC since beginning of April. Wrote to support, nothing. Coronavirus is a good excuse but 2 months for approval is ridicoulous. On top of that, they let not pass through QC pics that are on other stock sites and also sold. And if you struggle with their QC they just block your account for a couple of days. I made it to a sale of image at impressive 35 Dollars. Too bad its still not enough for payout. Payout is at 70.
  8. Can somebody help me out ? At 1st of june I had 99 downloaded images so I was quite comfortable to make the next step in those days. Which happend today. But I got again only 0.1 payd for that pic. And stayed on Level 1. So did they basically reset the Number of download due to the new system ???
  9. I have so far my best month by seling 14 Pics by now on a Porfolio of 182 Pics. Selling like 80% Editorial. Congrats to the guy above with his over 279 sales
  10. ah i didn't know that. thank you for pointing that out
  11. Hello together I have a very strange issue I had several pics uploaded which I stocked in the uploaded pics section waiting to get a title and keywords. I am pretty sure that they got deleted. and for sure not from me. Can somebody tell me why this happens ? And same goes for Titles. I stated working on few pics, gave them titles but not keyworded them yet. Titles are gone. Why is this happening ?
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